Thursday, March 18, 2010

Polka Dot Jersey Replacement Options

So as I mentioned yesterday, the lovely B&W rayon lycra polka dot jersey I had planned to use in my mini-wardrobe has died a tragic lonely death.

Last night I scoured the web for alternatives, looking at every site I could possibly think of. I also plan to poke around the Garment District looking for replacements when I get a chance, but I really need to focus on muslin-ing instead of fabric shopping.

I found plenty of "close but no good" options--lovely little B&W polka dots in wovens (no way--I really want a stretchy knit top for this pregnant belly of mine), or perfect brown & white polka dots, or B&W polka dot jerseys with no lycra content (not stretchy enough). I even considered going for narrow stripes instead, but decided I was not yet that desperate. I did have to give up on no polyester--it just wasn't do-able.

Here are the current contenders!

Gray and black polka dot slinky from Gorgeous Fabrics:

B&W ITY dot jersey from Denver Fabrics:

Scrollwork ITY B&W jersey from Gorgeous Fabrics:

The latter two probably fight too much with the purple print skirt, so the current front-runner is the slinky, not that I've ever SEWN with slinky, but I'm sure my brave little serger can handle it (once she stops unthreading her upper looper every five minutes, grr!)

Just to comfort myself today, I'm wearing this B&W lycra-blend jersey polka dot dress (though it looks a bit different over my preggo belly, it stretches to fit just fine):

Masheka, Mikhaela, books

UPDATE! I think I found it! With some help from a thread on PatternReview I decided to check the Spandex House website and they had this ITY jersey print listed, just $6/yard! I called and it's in stock, so I'm going to go check it out on foot tomorrow. I am so excited! I think I'll get 5 yards--2 for the top, and 3 for a future dress project...


  1. This?

  2. Hi Karen--I did actually look at that, but I was a little worried about the yellow clashing with the purple. I'll definitely put it in the possible list if the ITY doesn't work out, though!

  3. Um, how do you have time to scour the city while also managing to draw pictures of yourself in all these soon-to-be ensembles!? :-)

  4. Oh, I draw REALLY FAST. My husband is a much more meticulous cartoonist and illustrator. I have been known to draw, color and letter an entire political cartoon in 30 minutes, and this is NOT typical.

    And my version of scouring is in Project-Runway-esque half-hour increments. I get an hour for lunch, and I can walk to the Garment District in 10-15 minutes, poke around for 30, and walk back in 15... plus Paron's is open til 7 so I can go after work.

  5. Mikhaeala, I just discovered your blog and I absolutely love it. I am getting my first sewing machine in the mail (today) and I look forward to reading more about your cartoon, sewing, and pregnancy/parenthood adventures. You rock!

  6. oh, I'm blushing now!!! what kind of machine did you get? how very exciting!

  7. I like it even more then the original. And I agree its easy to get caught up in fabric sourcing when your suppost to be sewing up fitting garments.



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