Thursday, October 4, 2012

Last chance for Tiramisu pre-sale! (ends Oct. 5)

I know I've been quiet as a little wishes-she-had-time-to-sew mouse over here, but wanted to make sure you all knew tomorrow is the very last day for Steph aka the Consulting Dressmaker's Tiramisu dress presale. As you may have heard, I've been working with my husband Masheka on the illustration and design for the pattern, and it's been an awesome experience... can't wait to actually make the dress!

Anyway, from now until tomorrow Oct. 5 (Australian time tomorrow, which I'm totally confused about), you can get this lovely dress pattern for $11 instead of $17. It ships in early November. Go go go while you still can!

Still no sewing over here due to an ongoing battle with my toddler over bedtime—no matter how many times we send her back to her room, she comes popping back out again unless one of us lies there with her mumbling made-up bedtime stories and lullabies for hours and rubbing her back... which usually ends in me falling asleep on the guest bed around 11 p.m. while she's still trying to jump all over the bed. But as soon as the situation improves, I have lots of crafty plans!


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