Thursday, October 28, 2010

Do you have more fabric than, um, actual clothes?

Circles stretch cotton

A lovely cotton stretch woven print purchased at either Mood or Paron's a gajillion years ago and never made into anything... YET

Cause I do. Thanks to some ruthless post-pregnancy closet curating (aka purging) this weekend, I realized today that I might have more storage space devoted to sewing and knitting supplies than I do to actual wearable sewn, knit and RTW items. I now have eight small drawers and half a closet for all of my clothes and shoes in the entire universe (including off-season clothes, special occasion clothes, etc)... and six very large drawers and a sewing cabinet full of fabric, yarn, patterns and suchlike.

And remember, I live in an 850-sq-ft apartment with my husband, a baby, two cats, and my mom (she stays with us during the week to watch Z). So my definition of ruthless purging might be different than yours... Also remember: this is AFTER a series of similarly harsh fabric, pattern and yarn destashings.

What does that say about me? That I'm forward-thinking, and ready to accept lovely new clothes into my life? That I'm living in a fanciful future, and not the actual present? Hmm....

It certainly makes getting dressed easier, since my options are so limited--most of the pre-preg clothes I didn't donate away are just SLIGHTLY too tight now to zip up.

And I'm really getting some serious wear out of that reversible skirt... even though I sewed it 35 lbs ago! The black swiss dot side is one of only two solid-color skirts I own that fit, and I'm kind of digging the patterned edge that accidentally peeks out at the hem, though it annoyed me at the time.

(Apologies for evening flash photos and my messy hair--I had my mom snap these when I got home from work as I don't have time for morning shoots these days).

More Baby Z

More Baby Z

More Baby Z

How about you, dear readers?

Pink Lacy Cardigan on Parade

Baby Z in her February Baby Sweater

Remember the pink lacy sweater I made Z WAY back? She's almost fitting into it!

And I still don't have any closures on it.

Baby Z in her February Baby Sweater

She's also fitting into the "Maine Doggies" hat and sweater set my Aunt Becky made her (in reference to when I was walking in the woods with my grandmother as a toddler and wanted to go pet the giant bear I thought was a big "doggie"):

More Baby Z

Sadly I didn't have time to sew a Halloween costume this year, but luckily another one of my aunts got her an adorable lion costume. Which is fitting, because thanks to her squirming, pinching, scratching and punching... nursing Baby Z is rather like wrestling a really cute little lion cub. Like I said, with her little fro-hawk, she's a natural punk rock baby... Grrr!

More Baby Z

("Anarchy in the Pre-K" onesie we got from Rockstar Revolution at a street fair--not affiliated in any way, just thought it was super cute!).

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

A Simple Piece of Cloth

Not much sewing going on here lately, what with working full time and being a new(ish) mom ... but I've been playing with fabric in another way in the meantime!

Last month Z and I attended our first babywearing meetup, and after learning some simple carries (well, one simple carry) I bought a used Girasol baby wrap in "Tropical Sea" colors. Here's my first attempt on wrapping Z in a front wrap cross carry. It was super comfortable (Z is over 15 pounds, so the more support the better) for both of us--I walked around and did some light housework, and Z took a relaxing nap.

More on this later, with more photos and useful links. I just needed to break the blog silence!


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