Sunday, March 21, 2010

67 cloth diapers and counting... With flames!

IMG_6350, originally uploaded by beryldrue.

Seriously. My mom and her sewing machine are OUT OF CONTROL. Cartoonist Baby is going to have the best-attired butt ever.

Click the photo to read how she made them--she used all kinds of fancy specialty fabrics that will keep leakage to a minimum.


  1. Truly, your mother is AMAZING!! Good for you!

  2. (and what are you naming the baby, pray tell?)

  3. Yes, my mother is fabulous in all ways, including her name. I haven't decided yet whether we'll share Cartoonist Baby's name publicly or just give her a blog pseudonym, but I'll email you the name.

  4. Props on the cloth diapering! I wish I had been into sewing 3 years ago when we had our triplets as purchasing the cloth diapers was certainly an investment. Best of luck. Love your blog.


  5. I'm new to this site, but wow, what awesome stuff you've got going on! Do you happen to have patterns for the baby clothes? (I'm due in September and thought I could start sewing :-)


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