Sunday, May 5, 2013

Me Made May Week 1: Chartreuse, Polka Dots & a Reversible Skirt

Day 1: Georgina & Jalie With Jeans

MMMay 1: Georgina cardi, Jalie scarf top & Waving Lace socks
    Me-Mades (FOUR of them!):
  1. Jalie 2921 scarf-collar floral poly knit top
  2. Georgina cardigan by Alexis Winslow in chartreuse someone-else-handdyed Swans Island merino wool
  3. Waving Lace ombré knit socks, both me-made AND me-hand-dyed
  4. Striped undies adapted from RTW

Day 2: Plum and Fuschia Reversible Skirt Overload

MMMay 2: Plum and Fuschia Overload
    Me-Mades (just 1, but it's REVERSIBLE!):
  1. Self-drafted reversible shirred skirt, the Maggy London geometric side. This was the only maternity item I sewed in 2010 that still fits me now at 35 pounds lighter. I don't wear it too often because it's a bit of an awkward length (having been designed to go under a preggo belly) and doesn't seem to work well with tucked-in tops.
    Z-Made (by my 2-year-old daughter):
  • Colorful wooden beaded necklace. I love how she started out with just pink beads on one half, then got much more rainbow with it all. (Sorry, she's not taking commissions!)
  • Silver Charm surplice top (made in USA).
  • Fuschia silk rib-knit lace-edge cami, bought ages ago.
  • Camper pink leather sandal wedges, bought ages ago (similar cross-strap Campers here).

Day 3: Pink, Red and Polka Dot Overload

Me Made May 3: Pink, Red & Polka Dots
    Me-Mades (1):
  1. Polka dot ombré surplice knit dress (McCall's 6070 top, self-drafted half circle skirt bottom).
  • Pink lightweight cotton cardigan.
  • Second Base Brittany demi lace cami (made in USA). This is a really cool item that I'm sure you clever sewists could easily knock off if you don't want to buy one—it's a soft little cami that ends just below the bust with a band of picot lingerie elastic, and makes for a less bulky bra-cover-up under a dress than a full-length cami.
  • Red beaded necklace, a gift from my mom
  • Fishnet-esque tights
  • Camper Kim Mary Janes — sturdy heels in red leather... super comfortable even for decently long NYC walks.
  • Belt borrowed from my favorite 40s-style Stop Staring wiggle dress that is not fitting me at the moment. GRRR.

I finally got Z happily participating in the photo shoots. Her outfit isn't me-made, but she picked it out herself because she wanted to "match Mommy." She's wearing a second-hand colorblocked Hello Kitty dress hand-me-down courtesy of fellow Me-Made-May-er Lee of the Slow Steady. (Hurrah for hand-me-downs!)

Day 4: Jalie Redux in Red and Cream Polka Dots

Me Made May 4: Polka Dot Bow Top
    Me-Mades (2):
  1. Jalie Scarf-Collar top in red and cream polka dot knit.
  2. Monkey socks by Cookie A in kettle-dyed magenta superwash merino from Knit Picks (never blogged, but pictured in this post).
  3. Tardis sock the second, in progress (held, not worn).
  • Blue silk rib knit lace-edge cami (had forever)
  • Not Your Daughter's Marilyn Straight Leg stretch jeans at natural waist in black. Yes, you have now seen the entirety of my jean collection—two pairs! (All I need, really, and I've even made do with just one in the past. But some day I'd like to sew some colorful ones...)
  • Privo by Clarks super-comfortable falling-apart purple Mary Jane sneaker flats I've worn to shreds over the last five or six years. (Similaresque Privos here and here).

I'm happy with this outfit but pretty soon I'll be scraping the bottom of the me-made barrel since I have so few!

That's it so far—I'm doing my recaps through each Saturday.

Observations so far on Me Made May:

  • Wow, this is fun...addictive, even! The Flickr community is really fantastic and encouraging.
  • I originally pledged to wear at least 1 me-made just four days per week, but now that I'm in the thick of it, I may even aim for five or six days per week.
  • I'm sure you're sick of the sewing corner of my living room, but the only way I'm going to get a photo each day is by keeping the tripod all set up in one spot.
  • There's almost no distinction between work wear and weekend wear in my life.

Which outfit from Week 1 is your favorite?

**Disclosure: Actions you take from the ready-to-wear hyperlinks within this blog post may yield commissions for (and quite likely spent on yarn or fabric).


  1. OK, I am beyond impressed that, between mega-household illness, surgery and a moth infestation from hell, that you have managed to a) find this number of garments and b) take pics of them all (with a cute toddler). They're all the best!

  2. I love your 5/1 outfit - the blues and greens go so well together and the jeans look great. I too am amazed that you're participating in MMM while dealing with all the family health issues and a moth infestation that has actually depleted your MM wardrobe. You're an inspiration!

  3. Thank you both! I'm sadly still dealing with the moth infestation but illness has been a bit better lately (except I have a bad cold now and am terrified it will turn into a sinus infection)... I feel like MMM has been really therapetuic for me, though!

    1. After I got over the acute phase of pertussis - I got 2 other sicknesses back to back - a bad cold and the respiratory flu. I cannot tell you how freaked out I was and worried that it would exacerbate some pretty horrible coughing (that had terrible side effects). It was bad. But, I mention this because I was able to stave off the worst of coughing (by staying home and doing NOTHING) and after those 2 illnesses, I was able to rally. It's not unusual to get another bug after major illness (your immune system is low). Just take it easy. Stay home! Of course, having a toddler is a crazy time for germs, but you will get over this just fine as long as you rest.

  4. you are rockin this memademay!!
    love love love your polka dot dress!
    as well as the polka dot blouse
    very nice!

  5. I think I'm in love with your Jalie cream and red polka dot top - it's stunning! I love how you've styled it with the blue underneath and the dark jeans - a great ensemble :)


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