Saturday, June 19, 2010

40 weeks, 1 day casual/work outfit

40 weeks, 1 day pregnant

I'm wearing this outfit around the house today. But although I'm now on maternity leave, it's probably best classified as a work outfit, as I wore it to the office pretty frequently in my third trimester.

  • Blue plastic necklace: Cheapo costume jewelry. Cost: $6. Cost per wear $0.05
  • Geometric-print Talbot's wrap dress: Thrifted. Cost : $4. Cost per wear: $0.40.
  • Brown flats: Privo by Clarks. Cost: $80. Cost per wear: $0.80.

Total Cost: $89.

Total Cost Per Wear (so far): $1.25.

I have to admit I was surprised to find myself buying a Talbot's dress, even second-hand--they seemed to be a lot more fashion-forward lately. As you can maybe tell from how it rides up in front, it's not actually a maternity dress, but it's plenty stretchy enough to work as one, and should be good for nursing as well. Oh how I love a surplice neckline (and a geometric print)... I can't wait to sew some post-pregnancy!

Belly-showing side view:

40 weeks, 1 day pregnant

Ok, off for an exhausted pregnant lady nap. Maybe Cartoonist Baby will see fit to show up in time for Father's Day?

P.S. I am quite gratified to report that I have made it through the past three months without A SINGLE PAIR OF PANTS. For real. All my maternity pants (except for one pair of maternity jeans and one pair of maternity leggings) stopped fitting in March, but with the warm weather on its way, I bravely soldiered on in dresses and skirts alone with no trouble whatsoever.


  1. You look so adorable! I hope you have that baby soon! Good luck :)))

  2. I have a feeling I'll be there with the skirts! I'm 18 weeks and have not found such a thing as comfortable maternity pants- I don't get people who don't even wear maternity clothes until their 3rd trimester! But that's a really great thrift find.

  3. I'm delurking to say your dress is lovely! I'd love to wear more skirts and dresses, but at 23 weeks gone I have ankles like footballs. Just our luck to have a heatwave in the UK for the first time in years. I'm hoping to crank a couple of pairs of linen trousers out before I melt into my denim. Good luck!!

  4. The dress looks great - I personally love Talbots (it also helps that they carry petite sizes because no regular clothing fits me). But I've a bit of fuddy-duddy in me, for a 22 year old!
    JoAnn's has that same fabric right now in their spring inspirations collection so at first I thought you'd made it.
    Good luck with the baby!

  5. I am 26 weeks pregnant, and find that I look better in pants so far. I am quite short and dumpy, and skits tend to make me look even shorter and dumper. So far my maternity jeans are a great purchase, and some other stretch fabric based pants has got me looking and feeling quite comfortable. Of course, at 40 weeks and 1 day, I think NOTHING is going to make you feel comfortable, except a trip to the birthing suite!

  6. You look gorgeous...and Cartoonist Baby looks like she's starting to drop a bit. Hang in there--can't be long now!

  7. You look adorable. Sending best wishes your way for the birth-- hope it comes soon!

  8. That looks like a really comfy dress. I have something similar from a Banana Republic Outlet Store. Glad to know I've already got some maternity wear around the house.

  9. I hope silence means a happy occasion!


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