Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Baby D wearing stuff I made.


Baby D strikes a pose in a me-made kimono top with robot appliqué. That he is already outgrowing.

Presenting a photo roundup of Baby D wearing stuff I made him while I was pregnant. I'm too sleep-deprived to form too many actual sentences, but man do I LOVE getting to actually put this snuggly little guy into things I sewed or knit (which I have been Instagramming pretty regularly, if you like that sort of thing).

The little dude is growing RAPIDLY (at not-yet six weeks old, he is over 12 pounds and wearing RTW size 3-6 months), so I'm trying to get as much wear out of the things that fit or almost fit as I can before it's too late, since I am NOT having more babies.

In his Baby Doctor Who iron-on TARDIS T-shirt transfer (with big sis):


And the Funkadelic one-hour bodyshirt (matching photo with his Daddy's Funkadelic pending), which I originally sewed for his sister. Also: how cute are baby jeans? These are from the thrift store, not me-made, but I love that they have totally useless rear pockets because: jeans! on babies!


Growing into his Puerperium cardigan and accessories:


Which were TOTALLY too big at birth:


In his New Conceptions kimono top and matching pant sets — tops (as opposed to bodyshirts or pajamas) are rather impractical for such a young baby because they ride up, but I wanted something that wouldn't irritate his healing belly button. (For the record, these are gender neutral and I would have put them on a girl too, because tools and robots are NOT just for boys.)




The Kwik Sew red hooded sweatshirt I made from a secondhand cashmere cardigan (will get a better photo later, but this was great for Valentine's Day):


I am also wearing a me-made maternity top in this picture, because I still can't fit into regular clothes. Whatever:


I'm afraid I only have crappy Instagram camera phone photos of these handpainted handknit Better Than Booties cable socks and the Gift Wrap baby sweater and bonnet, but still!

Tiny socks for tiny feet, knit from yarn I handpainted (these are still a bit big, but I thought he wasn't going to fit into them for at least a year). #knitting #babyDWood #madeforkids

Heading out to the playground with big sis in the Gift Wrap baby sweater and bonnet I knit while I was waiting for him to be born (pattern by @carinaspencer ). #knitting #iknit #babyDWood #madeforkids

Serious chubby cheeks, I just love them.

And finally, not anything memade in this picture (besides the kids) but aren't they just the sweetest? It's moments like this that get me through the TOTAL LACK OF SLEEP in my messy, milk-spattered daily existence:


P.S. I mentioned in my last post we were having some horribly painful breastfeeding challenges due to tongue tie, lip tie and oversupply. I am happy to report that things are MOSTLY better (thanks to two wonder lactation consultants and an ENT). I can actually nurse now without screaming and crying in pain (which made it impossible to go out and nurse in public without screaming and frightening the passersby). I may even start doing some occasional pumping this week to get the little guy comfortable with bottles for when I go back to work in a few months ... which would mean husband and I can go out on a date next time my parents visit!


  1. Your me-made kids and clothes are adorable! Glad to hear the feeding is getting better, I had problems with one of my kids too and oh, it was hard to keep going through the pain!

  2. OMG - the pics of the 2 kids together are terrific! So sweet to see siblings get along and it gives a real sense of how much Z is NOT a baby, but a big girl :-) And D's cheeks are the cutest. I want to bite them (but not in a bad way). My own kid was a very long, very slender newborn. Of course, she was lovely, from my maternal perspective, but I wanted some rolls. When she hit 6 months she went on an eating spree and got slightly chubby. And then I had to stop myself from biting her little cheeks.

  3. He's just gorgeous (as is Z)! So glad things are going better with nursing for you all.

  4. Thank you for feeding my baby photo fix. I'd repay the favor and sit for you, but I'm on the wrong side of the country for that.
    Baby jeans! Damn, now THAT's adorable. Between you and Cation Designs, some serious baby nerd stuff.

  5. Awe you have some BEAUTIFUL children!!!

  6. These are wonderful! Congratulations!! They are beautiful children :-)
    My baby boy grew(and is growing) at an alarming rate as well. He's 7 months old today ands wearing 18 ms clothing. About 18#:-)

  7. Your kids are the cutest! And how is Z looking so grown up all of a sudden?! I think you're doing terrifically well, taking so many pics and writing a blog post... Thanks for sharing.

  8. Aw, thanks everyone for the kind words!!!

  9. He is so, so adorable. He is delectable! Love babies in hand knitted sweaters!

  10. Mikhaela! Your kids! My heart is BURSTING from the cuteness! I really can't take it!!!

  11. Baby D is SuperCute. He'd look fantastic in a paper bag - and he looks totally wonderful in mom's creations. Looking forward to seeing him grow.

  12. I love everything! Your babies are so beautiful!

  13. Too scrumptious. All his homemade clothes are fan. I particularly adore the doctor who outfit.

  14. The clothes are adorable! Especially the TARDIS one.


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