Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Orange Birthday Peep Toes!

So remember how Cartoonist Husband told me I shouldn't buy myself shoes or clothes with my 30th birthday money--that books or DVDs would be a more fun gift?

Apparently that was a classic Masheka fake-out (he's quite poker-faced and I'm quite gullible). So feast your eyes on these retro peep-toed beauties that he got me, a pair of lovely yet comfortable orange Tsubo Erebus heels that I'd been coveting ever since I first read about the brand on Already Pretty. I refuse to wear pointy toes, spiky heels or any shoe that can't actually be walked in (I'm a car-less Brooklynite, remember), so I get REALLY excited when I find heels that are comfortable, sturdy AND sexy.

Here they are in action--sort of. I can't actually wear even the comfiest heels these days (I can barely walk in sneakers or my comfy Privo by Clarks flats at this point), but I just had to play dress-up. The top is of course my heavily modified Jalie 2005, and the maternity skirt is a $2 thrift find.

Orange Birthday Peeptoe Heels (39.5 weeks pregnant)

Orange Birthday Peeptoe Heels (39.5 weeks pregnant)

I can't wait to wear these post-pregnancy! I haven't talked much about shoes here, but I adore a colorful comfy retro heel! Two of my other favorites...

My red Camper Mary Janes (shown here at 25 weeks pregnant with my red BurdaStyle maternity-modified "Melissa" skirt):

BurdaStyle "Melissa" High-Waisted Knit Skirt--Red Maternity Version Side View

I got these at Soula in Brooklyn back in February (when I could still wear heels!), but I believe they're still available. Camper calls them the "Kim" pump, but I prefer to think of them as my ruby slippers. Here's a product shot:

My chartreuse Gentle Soles (or Souls?) heels, shown here with a Liz Lange by Target dress at 23 weeks pregnant:

23 weeks pregnant!

I got these at least three or four years ago (also at Soula) and I don't think they're the same brand as the Gentle Souls/Soles sold by Kenneth Cole--I think they were imported from somewhere in Europe but I haven't seen them in any stores in a very long time. I've walked miles in them and they are fabulous.

Oh, and in case you're wondering what I got myself for my birthday -- I did indeed order the walking foot for my Viking (hasn't arrived yet), Blueprints of Fashion: Home Sewing Patterns of the 1940s and a dystopian science fiction novel by Nnedi Okorafor called Who Fears Death. (I don't know that I've mentioned it, but I am a HUGE speculative fiction nerd, in literature, television shows AND film--do NOT get me started, I am obsessed).


  1. 1. Hot shoes!
    2. You look so unbelievably tiny in that first pic! What gives?
    3.Please show some scans of the Blueprints book. I'm tempted to buy it but I have no idea what's really inside. No one who has it has shared the goods online.
    4. So, probably this weekend, huh? Good luck and hope you have a good and safe delivery!

  2. Yes, you are right about the Gentle Souls shoes! Kenneth Cole bought them out a few years ago, to my immense dismay because I had just found them and they had become my favorite brand. I've seen ok reviews for the Kenneth Cole ones now but I still love the ones that I got before. They are the most comfortable heels that I EVER had...I could walk miles in them without ever experiencing any discomfort and I could run in them too! - helen

  3. Thanks for clearing up the mystery, Helen! I was wondering what happened to them. I haven't tried the Kenneth Cole ones for comfort but they aren't as cute or colorful as the previous styles available from the brand. Sigh...

    lsaspacey--I don't know if I'll get a chance to show any spreads from the Blueprints book, but it's great--it has a bunch of very well-illustrated essays about the history of sewing pattern companies, and then just pages and pages of color photos of pattern envelopes and other pattern-related items in different categories, as well as some pricing/valuation advice.

  4. Cartoonist baby must be about to make an entrance very soon. Waiting to hear the grand news. Best to you and your hubby through the birth. Being a mom is the greatest thing ever and how lucky cartoonist baby is already to have such loving and creative parents.

  5. Love the orange shoes! Well, all of them actually. Every time I see an update to your blog in Bloglines, my heart flutters a little wondering if this will be The Announcement. :-) But in the meantime, you continue to look So Good!! And I really mean it.

  6. How are your ankles looking so thin at 39 weeks pregnant?!?!? Sounds like you had a great birthday! I hope your little cartoonist has her birthday soon :)))

  7. Marybeth, my ankles and feet were totally swollen up like painful balloons through the first half of the third trimester, and I could barely squeeze my shoes on. I don't know why they've stopped being as swollen, but I'm guessing it's because I can't walk around too much?

    lsaspacey, I only look relatively small because I'm facing the camera--trust me, the belly is HUGE. HUGE!

  8. Nice shoes! I refuse to wear shoes that I can't walk in either. Cute/comfy is such a hard combo to find.

  9. Urgent message! If you are looking forward to wearing those shoes post-pregnancy, then DON'T wear them now. You'll stretch them out. All the (lovely) shoes I wore towards the end of my pregnancy had to go because they were falling off my feet immediately afterwards,

    Good luck!

  10. Don't worry Hatty--I only wore them for this photo. They are safely stowed away in the closet now!

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