Friday, June 18, 2010

D-Day is here!

Red and gray polkadot baby ensemble

Come on out so you can wear all your cute outfits, Cartoonist Baby!

Or Z-Day, rather (Cartoonist Baby's name starts with the letter Z, so that's what Masheka and I have been calling it).

After all the scares we had last month, and my skepticism over the ultrasound-established date of June 18 (my own calculations said June 9) I really never thought I'd make it to my actual official due date, but here I am!

The above is an outfit I made for Cartoonist Baby back in Feburary--it's the "Piparminttu" jersey pinafore dress and "Anis" jersey pants from the 01/2010 issue of Ottobre Design magazine (which I recently subscribed to). Both are in size 62 cm (about 3-6 months). I omitted the button placket trim detail as I thought it was cuter without.

The polkadot material is cotton jersey repurposed from a knit top that didn't fit me...

Shirt about to be cut up for the baby dress!

... and the red cotton lycra is from Western Fabrics. The gray ribbing is from (See my PatternReview reviews of the dress and pants for exciting details on how I initially sewed the pants together upside down).

Anyway, my midwife ordered me to stop working as of today, so I am now officially on my 12-week maternity leave. So the sooner she comes, the more time I get at home with her. NO PRESSURE, right?

Oh, and I only have until next Thursday (when I'll be 40 weeks and 6 days) to be allowed to give birth at the fabulous in-hospital birthing center before I get "risked out" and have to use regular Labor & Delivery upstairs. Which would be a bummer, since the birth center has private hotel-like rooms with nice big tubs, birthing balls, and regular double beds, Masheka would be allowed to stay with me and baby afterwards, and there is a nice 24-hour waiting room for close family. In L&D it is just regular hospital-style, no eating or drinking except for ice chips, NO WAITING ROOM AT ALL, and afterwards I'd be recovering for two days in a shared room and Masheka would have to sleep at home. Boo to that.

Still, the very latest I'd be allowed to go without induction is 42 weeks. So I'm still feeling impatient, but a little more calm and relaxed--she'll be here soon, somehow!

Oh, and here's a pants-only view:

Red baby pants! (Ottobre Design  "Anis" jersey pants)


  1. Sending you many blessings and hope she makes her way into your arms sooner rather than later.

  2. Can't wait to see the new cartoonist! Sending wonderful wishes your way!

  3. Z--I love her name already! You can do it! The L&D rooms we were at were really nice with the tubs and everything. We brought our own food though. Applesauce really helped me along.

  4. I have been stalking your blog for quite sometime now and must say that I am anxiously awaiting the arrival of your little one. I'm a mom of 3, one being a 1 year old and remembers all-to-well the waiting game. Hope you're well rested. You're gonna need it. Sincere wishes, mom to mom.

  5. All the best wishes to you and baby and hubby. I'll be sending you happy vibes for an easy, smooth delivery! Your hospital sounds awesome. I wish mine would have had rooms like that.

  6. Crossing fingers on the birthing rooms.

    GOOD LUCK, so exciting!!

    Also, how stinkin' cute is that outfit?? That is going to be one well-dressed Cartoonist.

  7. Hang in there!!! Eat some spicy food.

  8. Congrats and good sending happy thoughts your way. Hopefully not too forward (since I don't even know you) but some Adult Activities with your husband get things moving...worked for me. Love the baby clothes.

  9. Best wishes for the delivery to go as you hope.

  10. Oh, good luck! I'm so excited for you, Masheka, and Cartoonist Baby!

  11. Good luck with Cartoonist Baby! She has so many cute outfits to wear!

  12. Wow! Congrats on making it to your due date! Put your feet up, do some more knitting, and try your best to stay relaxed until she arrives. Wishing you all the best and most comfortable delivery!

  13. I've been lurking for a while, and I'm so impressed with your maternity clothes! I am right there with ya in the waiting game too. My second is due on Sunday! It's tough waiting. Good luck and enjoy her when she gets here!

  14. That outfit is Adorable! I hope you give birth really soon.

  15. There's a restaurant near me that's has a salad of legend known as "The THE Salad" that is supposed to induce labor. Somehow I don't think it would be tasty after a summer trip in a Fed Ex truck, or I'd send it to you!
    Hope CB arrives soon -- and that she makes it up to both of you by never breaking curfew and making you wait up when she's 16!

  16. Cute outfit! Wishing you all the best with the delivery of your bundle of joy:)


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