Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Style Icon: Penelope Cruz in Volver

Over at the Colette Patterns blog, Sarai asks: who are your style icons? Hers is Sofia Coppola, for example, and Gertie's current style crush is the Glee character Emma Pillsbury.

One that immediately came to mind for me was Raimunda, Penelope Cruz's character in the fantastic Pedro Almodovar film Volver ("to return"). Cruz plays a hard-working woman down on her luck whose mother returns as a ghost, and I can best describe her look as "colorful bombshell on a budget."

I had some trouble finding clear stills to show you, but throughout the film Raimunda wears a mix of bold-patterned pencil skirts, low-cut tops, figure-hugging floral cotton dresses and bright-colored cardigans. Her color and print combos (red sweater with green top, red-and-white gingham-check cardi top with purple floral skirt) seem like they would clash--but instead they work beautifully. And everything has a slightly worn, vintagey feel to it.

So that's one of my style inspirations. How about you?


  1. Ooooh, I love that red and white cardigan! I wonder who the designer is? Now I need to do a Google search.

  2. I love Emma's clothes too! Even though I find her palate far too warm for my taste; my skin needs coooooooooool colours. :)

  3. Hey, I've been reading your blog here since I was blown away by your introduction (and illustrations!) on Sew Retro. And I've been obsessed with finding a good lace sweater pattern or two since I saw Volver (I'm a better knitter than seamster, so far...) I think this one http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/que-sera might be the closest I've come so far, though it's a pretty heavy gauge for my taste.
    I also love polka dots and that crazy pattern/bright color mixing (LOVE red + purple together).

  4. Nora, that pattern is SO Volver! I wouldn't make it in the cotton worsted though, I think you're right that that would be too heavy... I'd probably use something lighter weight and just adjust the size accordingly...

    Not that I've even finished my last knitted cardigan...

  5. I love the skirts in that movie they were so 40s. Would you happen to have a pattern (or where I could get one) for that? I can't sew but my best fried does beautifully and I know she's be able to make it for me with no problem. BTW - What is line (name) of that skirt? Thanks for any info.

  6. Oh, totally! Just finished Volver for the second time and not only do I love Cruz's wardrobe, I love that everyone is wearing adorable cardigans. I knit and crochet, and my next project will be inspired thus!


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