Thursday, April 8, 2010

Pattern Stashing/Destashing, Pt. 1: Modern Edition

Now, don't get me wrong. I love looking big, round and pregnant (ok--except for the painfully puffy ankles, feet and fingers). I'm sure I'm glowy as all get-out. And altering non-maternity patterns for third-trimester maternity makes me feel like a sewing ninja!

But... I do miss my waist, just a little. She was a nice waist, fond of cinched belts, figure-hugging seams, 50s-style summer dresses and pencil skirts, the dear thing.

She's been away on holiday for five months now. Seriously--I started showing EARLY. Here I am at 8 weeks pregnant in my (homemade, of course) True Blood Merlotte's waitress Halloween costume:

Halloween (7 weeks pregnant)

And less than a month later, at Thanksgiving:

Thanksgiving (11 weeks pregnant)

But in celebration of her eventual return, in whatever shape and configuration, I've been on a bit of a pattern acquisition binge. (How many I'll actually find time to sew as a new mom is a whole other question). In this edition: new (and repro) patterns! My vintage pattern stashing/destashing deserves its own post.


The Colette 1009 Ceylon Dress. I think I'd like to do it in orange similar to the pattern photo shoot--I have some $1/yard orange cotton stretch sateen in the stash:

Colette 1009 Ceylon Dress Photo

Butterick 5209 (Repro 1947 pattern). I wasn't sure about this until I saw the Slapdash Sewist's lovely version--I'd definitely also make the cap-sleeved view.

Butterick 5209

Vogue 8613 Knit Shirtdress. I love knit dresses, I love shirtdresses. I hate the model photo, but I love the line drawings, and would probably do in a printed ITY jersey. I've heard dresses aren't the best nursing wear, but I think the button-front would provide good access:

Vogue 8613 Knit Shirtdress

Simplicity 2601. V-neck + Peplum = blouse love:

Simplicity 2601

And I've had this in the stash for years, but I'm so excited to actually get to make it:

Vogue 8280

It's not just about me, either. I picked up a few Oliver & S patterns for Cartoonist Baby:

Oliver S Tea Party Dress

And a hooded sweatshirt pattern for Cartoonist Husband (Masheka loves a fun hoodie):

Burda 7734 Mens Hoodie


But as I have only allowed myself one drawer in my apartment for pattern organization, when new patterns come to town, others must be gently escorted out. A few likely sacrifices:

I like the neckline on the top view, but I have much cuter patterns, and the overall effect and styling is very 90s (which is probably when I bought it):

New Look 6969

There just aren't any situations in my life that require a boned bustier crinoline cocktail dress--I need more versatile day-to-evening dresses. I've never met a strapless bra with enough support for my liking, and I'm sick of the clear-strap look (and sure, I could add straps, but... I have other patterns):

Vogue 8149 dress

I picked this up ages ago when I bought her Couture Sewing book, but I don't think the lines are right for me:

Vogue 7467

If I do ever attempt one of her couture jacket patterns, she has some others that would be more my style... but as I have yet to make even an easy unlined jacket, I'll wait til I get there.

By the way, a big shout-out and thank-you to Heather of Featherty Sews for helping me with said acquisition--she took pity on me when she heard New Yorkers don't have mad pattern sales and got me some of the above for 99 cents each. And if you're looking to do some pattern acquisition of your own, she's having big daily vintage pattern giveaways--with free shipping!


  1. ...I need that last pattern you're destashing. It's just what I've been looking for to make with the really nice wool in my closet. Now to go find it somewhere.

  2. Amazing transition between 8 and 12 weeks! It's bizarre how bodies change in pregnancy. I didn't show early, but I almost immediately lost my shape. I actually looked like I'd gained 15 pounds for 4 months. Not an attractive look on me.

    On another topic, amazingly, I found some info about raglan sleeves and FBAs on Pattern Review. There's a woman named Debbie who's the resident expert who posted photos. Nonetheless, I'd love your opinions on the Y method and dealing with wide darts (and how you move them around).

    It's pretty complicated because FFRP does the FBA and then, as far as I can tell, suggests you move the darts, if you'd like, with a slash and spread technique (or is it pivot and slide - or are these the same?!?!?) Other bust adjustment methods (i.e. Nancy Z) suggest the pivot and slide too.

    It's like they're all using sort of the same method, then switching it up and calling it something similar.

  3. I think I just found my costume for a party I have in about a month, yey. Now I just have to find a colour inkjet printer and some of that transfer paper.

  4. Dalandra, I'm going to be setting up an Etsy shop to help with my destashing--I was just going to sell vintage patterns, but I'd be happy to list this one (the OOP Couture Jacket pattern) for you!

  5. Yes, you guessed it, Kate--the Merlotte's logo is available as a hi-res file online, and I just printed it out on transfer paper and ironed it onto an American Apparel shirt. The shorts were also American Apparel and the apron was $3 at a restaurant supply house. Not my usual elaborate sewn costume but I was dealing with major all-day pregnancy nausea at the time.

  6. I'm planning to make the Ceylon dress too (I have some solid colored Rayon Challis from as well as that Simplicity blouse. Love your choices!

  7. I love my Butterick dress! I've also made the Simplicity peplum blouse and it is as adorable as it is on the pattern cover. Maybe I'll actually get around to photographing and reviewing it one day (made last July).


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