Saturday, April 3, 2010

Happy 30th to Me! + The Boxing Basqiat Baby Onesie!

... 30th week of pregnancy that is! (My 30th birthday isn't till June 1!) Not so long ago Cartoonist Baby was the size of a blueberry, and Masheka and I can't believe our little girl weighs over 3 pounds and is 17 inches or more long now...

Or maybe we can, considering how strong her belly-shaking kicks are!

According to all my pregnancy books, Cartoonist Baby is even DREAMING now. Which naturally leads to the question--what do babies dream about?

Probably not patterns and fabric.

And since I abhor an image-free post, here's a picture of one of my favorite outfits I've made for Cartoonist Baby, the Boxing Basquiat baby onesie (review here, for you PR members):

Basquiat Onesie--front

... which is just Kwik Sew 2433 sewn up from one of my husband's favorite (but now too-small) Brooklyn Industries T-shirts that I happened to spy in our massive Goodwill-bound donation pile. The edges are bound with satiny purple FOE (foldover elastic) for a SLIGHT girly touch.

Basquiat Onesie--cutting up T-shirt

I love this onesie for many reasons:

  • The subject. Masheka and I are both artistic and literary types, as you might have guessed. Cartoonist Baby's first name is shared with a famous black woman writer (not sure if I'll be revealing her name on this blog yet, you'll have to guess for now!) and I like that she also has one of our favorite artists, the late great Jean-Michel Basquiat, on her shirt, too!
  • The colors. I love wearing pink myself, but why does everything for girls have to be doused in Pepto-Bismol and covered in bows and flowers? I felt like the purple foldover elastic binding I did added just a touch of girly without being overwhelming.
  • It reminds me of this photo of my husband as a child... you can see why one of his nicknames was "Rocky"!:


  1. This may be the rockin'-est onesie ever. I LOVE IT!!

  2. The awesomeness of this can never, ever be overstated.

  3. good luck with finding little girls clothes that rock as much as your onesie! You'll have to navigate through lots of pink and bows and still come up short. I've given up and make most of my baby clothes now

  4. this is so cute! we have a boy & i've been wanting to make onesies out of my husbands old t's since they mentioned it on the gilmore girls.
    yours is beautiful though. the color is great. i love pink as well, but it seems the majority of girls clothes are in some heinous shade of fuschia.


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