Monday, May 13, 2013

Second Verse, Same as the First (Me Made Week 2)

Me Made May 10: Polka Dot Ombré Overload

The good me-made news is that although I pledged to wear at least one me-made four times per week, I've actually been rocking the me-made lifestyle EVERY SINGLE DAY and managing to squeeze in a photo to boot.

The bad news is my photo poses are all boring and almost all in front of the same backdrop, and I barely have anything new to show you, but, yeah, whatever. So here we go!

Day 5: Warm Wooly Accessories

Me Made May 5: Ready to Cheer my Husband at the 5 Boro Bike Tour

My husband was riding in the TD 5 Boro Bike Tour for Doctors Without Borders, so this outfit was all about this Doctors Without Borders T-shirt from an AIDS activism rally a few years ago. Since I was running out of me-made garments and it was super-chilly, I decided to stick to just accessories. Little Z had her Daddy's matching T-shirt and a me-made sweater.

    Me-Mades (FOUR of them!):
  1. Matching alpaca hat and cowl set: 18 Seconds Until Sunrise cabled earflap hat and Cherry Garcia cabled cowl.
  2. Waving lace socks again.
  3. Fetching mitts.
  4. My daughter's striped Toddler Tomten Jacket.
  1. Doctors Without Borders "TREAT AIDS = STOP THE VIRUS" T-shirt.
  2. Not Your Daughter's Jeans Marilyn Straight Leg stretch jeans with natural waist (made in USA).
  3. Arcopedico Flower leather Mary Jane cut-out flats in black.
  4. Sprout eco-friendly purple watch made of Tyvek and corn plastic.

Day 6: Polka Dot Overload

Me Made May 6: Polka Dot Overload

I did mention I liked polka dots, right? And in case you're wondering what that odd yellow object is, it's the spacer for my daughter's daily steroid asthma inhaler.

One plus to Me-Made-May is that in order to look fancy for you all I'm wearing my heels much more often than usual... Otherwise I tend to fall into a rut and just wear the same comfy flats every day until they scuff away to nothingness.

    Me-Mades (FOUR again!):
  1. Jalie Scarf-Collar top the 2nd.
  2. Georgina cardigan in chartreuse.
  3. Brown and cream polka dot A-line skirt in cheap $2/yard poly fabric with petersham waist facing, made in 2005 pre-blog days and rather on the small side.
  4. Striped Toddler Tomten Jacket made for my daughter.
  1. Spanx reversible tights, the brown side. (Best opaque tights ever, seriously!)
  2. Tsubo taupe leather comfy pumps with sturdy heel (similar and similarish).
  3. Sprout eco-friendly purple watch made of Tyvek and corn plastic.
  4. Pink silk rib knit lace-edge cami

Day 7: Black, White and Red All Over

Me Made May 7: Black, White & Red All Over

The OTHER side of my reversible skirt from last week.

    Me-Mades (just one):
  1. Self-drafted reversible shirred skirt, the black swiss dot lawn side (originally a maternity skirt!)
  1. Red coral necklace bought at Renegade Craft Fair, but can't remember the maker
  2. Red silk rib-knit surplice top, thrifted
  3. Black & white printed cardigan
  4. Red belt from Stop Staring dress not currently fitting me
  5. Fishnet-esque tights
  6. Camper Kim Mary Janes in sturdy red leather.

Day 8: Rainy Day Outfit

I swear little Z isn't actually grumpy here, she was saying "soy cheese!"

Me Made May 8: Rainy Day Outfit

I think this might be my favorite outfit of the week (with the possibly exception of the dress from Day 10).

    Me-Mades (just one again):
  1. Jalie 2921 scarf-collar floral poly knit top.
  1. Merrell "Angelic Peak" black leather near-knee-high flat boots (waterproof). The only flat knee-highish boots I've owned since 2009 and still going strong!
  2. Gray corduroy gored skirt with mermaid flounce, gift from my mom. I SO want to make my own version in every possible fabric...

Day 9: Cardigan Refashion

Me Made May 9: Cardigan Refashion!

My first refashion for Me Made May!

    Me-Mades (three):
  1. Flutter-Sleeve Cardigan with a major refashion (tutorial and details here).
  2. Waving Lace socks.
  3. On my daughter: "A is for Apple" dress, now barely wearable and more of a little short tunic.
  1. Turquoise necklace, made by my dear friend Márta as a birthday gift
  2. Striped knit T-shirt
  3. Not Your Daughter's Jeans Marilyn Straight Leg stretch jeans with natural waist (made in USA).
  4. Arcopedico Flower leather Mary Jane cut-out flats in black.

Day 10: The Ombré Dress

Me Made May 10: Polka Dot Ombré Overload

I know you're sick of this dress, but until my Tiramisu one is complete, it's all I've got.

    Me-Mades (one):
  1. Polka dot ombré surplice knit dress (McCall's 6070 top, self-drafted half circle skirt bottom).
  1. Second Base Brittany demi lace cami (made in USA).
  2. Red beaded necklace, a gift from my mom
  3. Worishofer Women's 711 Ankle-Strap Red Sandals (aka "granny sandals")

Day 11: Driven to Fabric Shopping Desperation

Me Made May 11: Scraping the Bottom

Why yes, this is a poorly-made maternity top from back in 2010, tucked in so you can't see how long/low it hangs in front. BUT at least I managed to get outside for a photo for once—I had just finished with a little printed-knit-seeking shopping excursion to Mood Fabrics with Lee.

    Me-Mades (two):
  1. Burda Magazina 02-2010-122 knit top, maternity-hacked by me
  2. Brown and cream polka dot a-line skirt in cheap $2/yard poly fabric with a petersham waist facing... etc. Circa 2005. Never blogged.
  1. Pink silk rib knit lace-edge cami
  2. Privo by Clarks brown leather flats with sneaker-esque bottom (similarish)

So, if you even made it to the bottom of this post, which outfit do you like best?

**Disclosure: Actions you take from the ready-to-wear hyperlinks within this blog post may yield commissions for (and quite likely spent on yarn or fabric).


  1. Day 6 is my favorite! I haven't even signed up for MMM this year because I thought I'm too busy... Seeing all the pretty pics makes me a bit sad about that. I think the Jalie top is one of the best looks on you. And I adore little Z, the perfect picture sidekick!

    1. Thank you! I feel tempted to make like, four more versions of that top... maybe I will!

  2. Love the polka dot dress with the different patterns, very attractive on you looks well made too.

  3. Thank you! I am super happy with how the pattern matching turned out... the construction was a little wobbly but the polka dots distract from that!

  4. Replies
    1. I can see you wearing something similar, but I imagine your version would be a bit fancier! :)

  5. Oh wow, I LOVE your polkadot ombre dress! I'm in polka dots too today :)

    I've managed to stick to my pledge of wearing one item of me made clothing everyday and take a photo everyday but I'm like you, same backdrop!

  6. There are so many things to love/be-totally-jealous-of here ... buuuut I'm gonna go with love. And only ONE of those things is that you've managed the photo part of MMM, which conquered me on day mumblemumblefourmumble. And you went to Mood. And oh my god, that child you're using to model kid's clothing -- this "daughter" prop ... she's darling! Where can I get one?

  7. Day 6 is PERFECTION. Love the polka dots paired with your cardi so much!


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