Friday, May 24, 2013

New Makes in the Mix (Me Made May Week 3)

Me Made May 13: I Need to Sew More Things

One of the awesomest things about Me Made May is that the sheer boredom of wearing the same few me-mades over and over again has forced me to finally get back into sewing and refashioning with a vengeance!

Last week I sewed not one, but TWO new tops. And my mind is just buzzing and humming with sewing plans, and the refashion pile is overflowing, and... yes! Thanks, 'So Zo.'

Day 12: Mother's Day

Me Made May 12: Mother's Day Outfit

I nearly took a break from me-made-maying for Mother's Day, but just couldn't bear to give up so easily. So out came the Georgina, yet again!

    Me-Mades (just one):
  1. Georgina cardigan in chartreuse.
  1. Sparkly striped surplice knit top, thrifted.
  2. Not Your Daughter's Jeans Marilyn Straight Leg stretch jeans with natural waist (made in USA).
  3. Privo by Clarks super-comfortable falling-apart purple Mary Jane sneaker flats I've worn to shreds over the last five or six years. (Similaresque here and here).

Day 13: Color Injection

Me Made May 13: I Need to Sew More Things

So yes, I like orange. And chartreuse. I wish I could say I made this skirt, but I did not.

    Me-Mades (2):
  1. Jalie Scarf-Collar top the 2nd.
  2. Georgina cardigan in chartreuse.
  1. Orange scribble-print skirt.
  2. Spanx reversible tights, the black side.
  3. Chartreuse 40s-style ankle-strap heels from ages ago, by the defunct Gentle Souls (similarish by Miz Mooz).
  4. Pink silk rib knit lace-edge cami

Day 14: A Taste of Cake

MMMay 14: Cake Tiramisu Top & Vogue Trousers

SEWING. FINALLY. Just a tester top for a dress, but wearable on its own, too.

    Me-Mades (four):
  1. Cake Patterns Tiramisu knit dress, adapted into a wearable muslin top version.
  2. Vogue Elements 9745 wide-legged corduroy trousers
  3. Waving Lace ombré knit socks
  4. Not visible: striped undies in the same fabric as the top (shown flat here)
  1. Arcopedico Flower leather Mary Jane cut-out flats in black.

Day 15: Flutter Sleeves

Me Made May 15: Flutter Sleeves

Here's my refashioned me-knit cardigan again—still slightly baggy, but I hesitate to slice into it again, so I'm going to go with this look for now.

    Me-Mades (just one again):
  1. Flutter-Sleeve Cardigan, me-knit and then me-refashioned.
  1. Merrell "Angelic Peak" black leather near-knee-high flat boots (waterproof). The only flat knee-highish boots I've owned since 2009 and still going strong!
  2. Polka dot knit top
  3. BCBGMaxAzria knit pencil skirt, thrifted (similar on Ebay, or you can, you know, make one!)
  4. Cheap plastic turquoise necklace
  5. Daughter's hair clip

Day 16: Just the Underpinnings

Me Made May 16: Just Underthings

Yeah, so I actually wore a RTW dress too, but I didn't photograph it. So. Homemade underpants, that was my contribution for the day.

Day 17: A Little Hummingbird Told Me

Me Made May 17: Hello, Hummingbird!

You are clearly already aware of how much I am loving this new me-made slice of Cake.

    Me-Mades (one):
  1. Hummingbird knit peplum top by Cake Patterns.
  1. Not Your Daughter's Jeans Marilyn Straight Legs, high-waisted enough to rock a peplum.
  2. Arcopedico Flower leather Mary Jane cut-out flats in black.
  3. Hue polka dot socks.

Day 18: Dress for a Big Day

Me Made May 18: Special Occasion
    Me-Mades (two):
  1. Polka dot ombré surplice knit dress (McCall's 6070 top, self-drafted half circle skirt bottom).
  2. Georgina cardigan in chartreuse.
  1. Spanx reversible tights, the black side.
  2. Camper Kim Mary Jane heels in sturdy red leather.
  3. Second Base Brittany demi lace cami (made in USA).

Whew! I have to admit, I'm starting to get a little exhausted mixing up my tiny collection of me-mades, and my photos are getting more random. I do have a skirt and another Hummingbird top I'm hoping to finish before the end of the month, though... we'll see!

**Disclosure: Actions you take from some hyperlinks within this blog post may yield commissions for (quite likely to be spent on more patterns, yarn or fabric for me to blog about!).

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