Wednesday, April 25, 2012

San Francisco bound!

Masheka and Mikhaela in San Francisco

Masheka and I on our last trip to San Francisco, in 2007

Great news, everyone! We're taking an actual family vacation (before the little one turns two and can't fly for free) for a week to one of our favorite cities, San Francisco, where we'll be staying with friends, relaxing, hanging out... and NOT scrambling to sell comic books in a crowded convention hall like the last time.

I was sad to discover that the famed Alameda Antiques Fair I keep hearing so much about on the Sew Weekly (cheap vintage fabric! sigh!) won't be open while we're there, but we're hoping to check out the Treasure Island Flea and the Gaultier exhibit at the de Young.

I'm debating whether I even want to mess with fabric shopping, since I finally have my stash down to a point where it fits in all my drawers... though I'm sorely tempted by some of the discount fabric sources that Debi and Clio have blogged about from their trips there, like Fabrix and Scrap.

And then there's vintage shopping... please stop me now.

So no sewing for a bit, but I hope to make some knitting progress on my chartreuse Georgina cardigan (swatched, but not started) and my blue Waving Lace socks (just turned the first heel)...

In other news, I finished a soft blue washable wool "foolproof" baby hat for a pregnant friend, but can't decide if matching mittens are a good idea:

Foolproof Blue Baby Hat

And I started watching Downton Abbey and am officially addicted... even with all of you talking about it, I just didn't give it a shot until I started doing a few 19-teens-fashion-related sewing illustration projects (which you'll see very soon!) More on that later.

So, if you've visited San Francisco--what are your favorite haunts? Any favorite places to take small children?


  1. If you're going to the Gaultier exhibit this Sunday morning, watch out for a crazy number of fellow seamsters. There's a Bay Area Sewists Meet Up going on then. I've yet to figure out whether or not I'll be able to join them, but I do really want to see the exhibit. Have fun in San Fran. I don't have first hand knowledge of where to take small children, but I can ask around for you. My friends all have lots of small children.

  2. Ooooooh.... eating my heart out with jealously that you will get to the de Young Museum for the Gaultier exhibit! Sigh.

    Honestly, there isn't really a garment district in SF, so you have to do more planning for fabric shopping. Britex is nice to browse and fantasize about, and the two others I went to were fairly close to the de Young, which is why I went. But they weren't anything that you couldn't necessarily find in NY. So don't feel bad if you skip it.

    Have fun on your trip!

  3. How fun! You should definitely stop by Scrap!! You can get LOADS of zippers, buttons and the like (in addition to fabric). And it's super, super cheap (priced by the bag!!) Have a fabulous trip!!

  4. Why don't you leave one of us (me?) the keys to your place in New York, we'll ransack your stash while you're away, and you can justify buying new fabric!

  5. Ah so jealous! We lived there for 6 years and still miss it. Great spots for little ones are golden gate park (There's a nice playground near the carousel), and the exploratorium (science museum). I wasn't sewing when I lived there so can't advise on fabrics store. Oh and my favorite secret breakfast spot: if you go to the Green's restaurant (famous fabulous vegetarian restaurant) for breakfast the restaurant is not open but their little coffee shop is. So you can sit and have a fantastic view of the golden gate bridge for the price of coffee and a muffin. Enjoy!

  6. Have fun! I love SF. With my hubby's family living 5 hours north, SF is often where we fly into. Sadly, I've rarely been there long enough to really shop about. I did check out a discount fabric place last time we were there (Discount Fabrics maybe)--it was some place near the Mission district, and you could walk from the Bart stop. Other than that, I go to SF to eat and go to the opera--two things that are probably more than at your disposal in Brooklyn.

  7. You must go to Stonemountain and Daughter fabrics in Berkeley!!

  8. I agree with a prior commenter - besides the flea market, the fabric options are probably better in NYC. So you have permission to just enjoy the city and relax! Britex is amazing, but just a friendly warning - after a few minutes in there browsing, I start to think that $45/yard is a TOTAL STEAL and the next thing I know, I've spent way too much money. :-) That place messes with my head. Since you have wonderful fabric stores at home, I say, save your money and get a wonderful meal and bottle of wine in North Beach instead.


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