Thursday, December 22, 2011

(Retro) Style Icon: Amy Adams as Mary in "The Muppets" (with a sewing twist)

Forget that new Muppet or the green felted frog--how cute is Amy Adams in that beautiful green dress with tulip sleeves?!

So I went to the new Muppet movie and it was fun and all, but I had a little trouble paying attention to Fozzie's bad jokes or Kermit's attempts to make up with Miss Piggy because OH MY GOODNESS I WANTED ALL OF AMY ADAMS's clothes.

Ms. Adams plays Mary, a Shop teacher who fixes cars and does electrical work, all whilst wearing a parade of lovely retro-styled dresses and blouse/skirt combos. She's all about bright-colored belts, fitted bodices and flared skirts...

Also: pintucks.

And stripes!

Polka dots (or polka-dot-like hearts, I think), too...

Not to mention sweetheart necklines:

But the part of the movie where I got really distracted was the finale. Mary was wearing an adorable little jacket, but the fabric of the blouse peeking out from underneath looked oddly familiar... and then she took off her jacket.

I practically fell out of my seat with sewing-related excitement! Because it was the same orange floral silk twill I used for my vintage 1970s orange floral maternity dress ages ago:

Vintage 1970s McCall's 5921 Orange Silk Floral Maternity Dress

Apparently Muppets shop at Fabric-Mart too!

Oh, and I'm not the only one who noticed this or made a dress or a jacket from this popular fabric.


  1. The tulip sleeved dress killed me. And I love how the stripes are turned on only one half of the bodice. The costumer did a fabulous job. Your dress is so cute too! Would that all maternity wear was so chic.

  2. I loved the movie AND her outfits! I couldn't stop looking either! ANd isn't that amazing that that's the same fabric! I'll be darned!


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