Thursday, December 8, 2011

Holiday Dress Plans + Sun Dress Progress

I haven't sewn proper in months (years?!) but already I'm imagining tons of "next" projects. Next up: holiday sewing.

Chanukah toddler sewing: DONE!

Z still (barely) fits into this Simplicity 3765 dress, which I think should work just fine for Chanukah:

FO: Aqua & Brown Polka Dot Baby Dress

Christmas toddler sewing:

But for Christmas, I got nothing.

Since I'm only sewing from the stash, and I didn't have much fabric with even a vaguely red or green look to it, I went with this super cute apple-patterned baby cord from Joann's:

Apple print baby corduroy

I looked through all my Ottobre Design magazines and went through fits of pattern-choice agony. I even briefly considered making overalls instead of a dress, just because I already had a pattern. Then I decided that sewing only from my pattern stash when I didn't own any toddler patterns made no sense.

So I went ahead and bought a download version of New Look 6016. It's a simple yoked and pleated jumper without too many seams, just perfect for my boldly patterned corduroy (and a nice shape to fit over Z's cute toddler belly.) And it comes with a top and leggings pattern, too.

I'm going to keep it simple--no trim or bows or pockets. Maybe I'll even make a red and white polka dot knit top to go under it--I have some nice rayon-lycra knit in my stash.

After I made my decision, I came across this adorable RTW Mini Boden dress online, which I've decided is my retrospective inspiration. Z was very excited by this photo and kept exclaiming "Apple! Apple!":

Mini Boden Print Corduroy Pinafore Dress (Infant)

Mini Boden Print Corduroy Pinafore Dress (Infant) (clipped to

I've already downloaded it, taped it together and cut it out. I'm finding this so exciting! Actually sewing once again!

Sun Dress Update:

And before any of you wonder why I'm cutting out future dresses without displaying completed photos of previous dresses, never fear.

The Oliver + S Tea Party sun dress and bloomers set I mentioned in my previous post is well underway--I attached the dress bodice tonight and I just need to hem it and do the whole buttonhole/buttons thing (I've never made a buttonhole EVER, so I think I'll practice first on scraps).

I took Ms. Z to M+J Trimming with me today to buy the buttons for both dresses, though we had to fight our way through gangs of shoppers and roving Santa-costume-clad drunken bar-crawling dancing people (whatever possessed me to get near Macy's that close to Christmas?). Here are the sun dress ones--they have a lovely white floral detail that echoes the fabric:

So that's that. I have a vague tickling inclination in my head to make that green and white wrap dress I blogged about EONS ago for myself... I already have the pattern and fabric. But I'm TRYING to take things one project at a time.

What are you sewing for the holidays?


  1. It's great to see Miss Z getting in on the style decisions early! And, my, she's growing up fast!

  2. The apple dress is going to be super cute!

  3. I love the Simplicity dress, Z looks adorable in it! I also love your fabric choice for your next project!

    I've been sewing for almost two years now and have only done one or two buttonholes. I usually shy away from them, but I think I'm gonna start getting more comfortable with them. Good luck on yours, I know they are not as hard as they seem to be.

  4. It's nice to have you back! Little Miss Z is ADORABLE, and your projects look great!

    If you have a decent buttonholer on your machine, buttonholes should be a snap. I didn't realize that until I got a decent buttonholer, however. Until then, they were a struggle, and they always looked ugly. Luckily, even ugly buttonholes look okay all buttoned up.


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