Saturday, November 20, 2010

FO: These socks are made for dancing!

Striped Lacy Mixed Berry Baby Socks

I finally got around to finishing the striped lace baby socks (Ann Budd's Better Than Booties Baby Socks, Ravelry details here) I started while I was in my crazy five-day-long labor. I remember working on these in the waiting room at L&D triage and my midwife finding that hilarious, but I think it was an excellent distraction.

The funny part is, the first sock--Labor Sock, let's call it--is perfect. The lace pattern is just right, and I made no mistakes (except for putting the lace up the sides instead of the front, but whatever).

The second sock--Tired New Mommy Sock--was another story. I was so out of it I had to redo the picot edge twice, and when I got to the near-end, I bound off the toe... and then realized I hadn't actually shaped it first, and had to unbind. The lace pattern is a mess, too. But I could go back on that--I was in a race against Z's fast-growing feet.

But they do fit--barely! Cute, no? Can you tell which is which?

Striped Lacy Mixed Berry Baby Socks

Not that I'm anti-booties. I LOVE booties, especially the two pairs of felted little Mary Jane style booties my Aunt Becky made, black pair shown here.


  1. They're adorable!! I can only tell the difference by the lace - they both look wonderful!

  2. I love watching Baby Z grow. She is such a cutie and I can't think of anything more adorable than knit baby things. I only sew at this point, but I sure love to see all the beautiful knitting.

  3. Oh man I totally hear you about Tired New Mommy Sock. Not that I've tried to make socks. But I did make some Tired New Mommy Skirts and did some Tired New Mommy driving, all of which came out about like you describe the sock.

    Looks great to me though.

  4. Oh my goodness! How cute! I am so jealous of her hair (and your knitting skills!)
    Just so you know, I nominated you for the beautiful blogger award. :)


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