Friday, November 19, 2010

Baby surprise!

No, no, I'm not having another one just yet, it's just that I finally photographed Baby Z (asleep) in her Baby Surprise Jacket:

Baby Surprise Jacket

She's fitting better into her February Baby Sweater, too:

February Baby Sweater

How most of my sporadic posts have become about knitting, I do not know. Someday I will rectify that, but I'm still cutting myself slack in the sewing department. I'm not even beating myself up about running out of time to sew a baby Halloween costume last month, and that's the one thing I ALWAYS sew for every year.

Luckily my Aunt Elissa and Uncle Damien came through with a cute RTW lion costume. I wore her out in a carrier but she wasn't allowed any candy:

Z's Halloween Costume

Z's Halloween Costume


I do still make a point of wearing something handmade every day, even if it's just my boring purple hat, shown above, or this old Simplicity 5914 skirt I sewed with some $2 polyester polka dot woven from a discount store (shown here in 2005, since I haven't photographed it lately):

Thrifty remix 8_15_06

OK, bonus photo: Farmer Z!

Farmer Z!


  1. What wonderful photos! Baby Z is a doll -- AND super stylish.

  2. omg. she is so cute! I love her in the knit sweater! ohhhhh!

  3. She's such a cutie!! I think it took me about 6 months after I had my second little one before I was sewing regularly again. It'll come! Have fun with that sweet princess in the meantime. :-)

  4. Ohmygoodness so so cute! Love the blue and orange sweater.

  5. ADORABLE! I like the knitted items.

  6. WOOO!!
    You are all TOO CUTE!
    I love the farmer look and all the fun handmades.
    doesn't it feel good!


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