Monday, September 1, 2014

Finished: Handpainted Hugs and Kisses Baby Socks (Better Than Booties Baby Socks)

Hugs and kisses handpainted baby socks

19 weeks in, and I've finally finished my first project for little "Text Message" Wood (as my four-year-old daughter Z wants to call the baby) or "Torch Wood" (as my nerdy husband and I have been referring to him/her). The first sock took maybe a day or two, and then I got a case of the dreaded Second Sock Syndrome and it took me a month to finish the second.

It's partly because I got some really good "help" from Ms. Z winding the yarn, so somehow the inside of the second ball was completely tangled and needing days and days of untwisting and unpicking... (oh how I love my ball winder and swift, but they DO need to be operated in one direction at a time).

Helping me wind my sock yarn... #knitting

This is my third time making the free "Better Than Booties Baby Socks" pattern (this project and all details Raveled here) but somehow these came out gigantic, more of a two-year-old size.

I think my favorite part is that I FINALLY used up a small bit of some of the sock blanks I hand-painted with some talented knitting friends back in 2008:

Mikhaela makes a weird green, blue and ochre sock blank

Yes, that's all I have finished for the baby so far. What can I say? The second-trimester surge of energy I experienced last time around doesn't seem to be materializing, and I think it's due to all the chasing around after this one...

It was hard to persuade her to leave the beach and ride the Wonder Wheel...

Next up: I'm finishing a cardigan for myself (almost done with the Hetty by Andi Satterlund) and for baby, and a scarf for myself and a hat for baby. How are your fall knitting plans shaping up?


  1. See! You made something! Yay!

    Pregnancy second time around: not so much veneration ("ooh, you're pregnant!"), much more perspiration "Moooooomy!"

    Starting today, the people I made are both in high school; only one year with both at the same school, one senior one freshman. Thanks for the look in on the distant past!

  2. Awww, Z! She's really looking cute here! I was totally on board with Text Message, but now I think I might be leaning towards Torch Wood!

    I'm not knitting at all at the moment... I have to confess that I'm nearly done with a sweater, but encountered a stitch count problem that I haven't the slightest idea how to fix, so I'm pretending like the sweater doesn't exist. It's OK to just set it on fire and walk away, right?

  3. Oh, such lovely bright sockies for your little one! My fall knitting plans mostly include the "obligatory" pair of socks for everyone in my family who'll wear them, but this year is likely to be the last year I lump myself with that requirement: all the girls have started dating men with size 12 feet. I can't keep up with the yarn requirements, even with yarn salvaged from thrift-store sweaters! Plus, I'd like to have a pair or two for my own horrible old feet. Baby Torch Wood is progressing nicely -- your belly is so round and pretty.


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