Friday, June 7, 2013

Me Made May 2013: VICTORY (and Takeaways, Lessons, and/or Morals of the Story)

Mikhaela's Me Made May 2013: Polka Dot Overload blog

Click my month of me-mades mosaic to enlarge. By a lot!

Readers, I did it. I started the month with just two skirts, two tops, one dress, one pair of trousers, one cardigan, two pairs of socks and three pairs of panties. And I only initially pledged to wear at least one me-made item four days per week.

Instead I wore something at least one me-made EVERY day for the entire month (sometimes as many as four or five in one day), and made three new tops, one new pair of socks and one "new" (refashioned) cardigan. I even had days when my daughter was also wearing her me-made dresses and sweaters as a bonus.

It was fun and inspiring but exhausting... and by day 31 I could not WAIT to wear some thrifted or vintage clothing as a little break.

Anyway... here I am at in my office on May 31 after the end of the work day, in my victorious final Me Made May outfit for the month:

Me Made May 31: VICTORY outfit

Me-Mades (just one):
Hummingbird knit top by Cake Patterns with four-leaf clover peplum in polka dot ITY jersey.


  • bias striped knit skirt
  • Wurishofer 711 amazingly comfy leather "granny" sandals, red leather version
  • red coral necklace bought at Renegade Craft Fair ages ago, can't remember maker
  • pink cotton cardigan
  • I also had a little special post MMM day yesterday, actually. I was wearing my chartreuse Georgina cardigan and polka-dot ombré knit surplice dress and I got tons of unsolicited random compliments on both. A woman stopped me on the subway to ask me "Did you make that sweater? I LOVE IT!" and my boss asked me the same thing later.

    Best of all, when I got home my toddler jumped up into my arms and squealed "Mommy, you're wearing the pretty green sweater you knit. I LOVE IT!" and kissed my cheek and then the sweater. (Girl really knows how to butter up her Mommy!)

    Oh yeah... and a big thank you to Zoe of So Zo for all the inspiration!

    **Disclosure: Actions you take from the ready-to-wear hyperlinks within this blog post may yield commissions for (and quite likely spent on yarn or fabric).


    1. Yay! I love your dots and stripes mix!

      1. Thank you! I am all about clashing prints... the more the better!

    2. You're amazing! You really made the most of this me made may.

    3. Wow, you've done amazingly well to exceed your pledge like that! What gorgeous outfits you've made!

      1. Now you all just have me blushing... but it does feel good to actually finish a project like this. I'm glad it's just once a year.

    4. Congrats! How sweet is that Z story... I melt...


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