Saturday, March 30, 2013

TARDIS sock progress + Blue Alpaca Cabled Earflap Hat Redux

TARDIS sock progress

Dear Doctor and Clara: I love you. Sincerely, Mikhaela. (P.S. But I still miss Amy and Rory).

I know I said my next knitting project would be colorwork gloves, but then I remembered Doctor Who was coming back tonight and I went for colorwork TARDIS socks instead... More details later when I am farther along. (Two other women in the Brooklyn Burdastyle Sewing Club are knitting them too—they'll probably both finish before I do at my snail's pace.)

The whole stranded aka fair isle colorwork knitting thing isn't quite as hard as I anticipated. The only tricky part for me was just teaching myself to knit English-style with one hand and continental with the other — like jumping up and down and patting your head and stomach and singing at the same time, but doable. The lettering looks a little fuzzy so far so I will touch it up with duplicate stitch as suggested.

And here's the hat I finished while lying in bed after my surgery:

Blue Alpaca Sunrise Hat Redux w/ Earflaps

The pattern is 18 Seconds to Sunrise by Tiffany Gallagher and the yarn is Misti Alpaca Chunky Baby Alpaca in Marine.(Full Ravelry details here.) I had already knit this hat before but had to unravel it and add an extra pattern repeat because it was just too tight no matter how I blocked it. This time I added the earflaps and i-cord (aka "idiot cord") tassels and am much happier all round. I feel like without earflaps I either have to knit a hat so big it covers my eyes, or I just constantly tug at the sides to keep my ears warm. I-cord was also new to me and was much simpler than colorwork!

Blue Alpaca Sunrise Hat Redux w/ Earflaps

Blue Alpaca Sunrise Hat Redux w/ Earflaps

I realize the photos are a bit odd because I am wearing it with a lace camisole tank top thing instead of a coat, but it's nearly 60 degrees in Brooklyn today and I'm still too sick/weak to go out much.

Oh, and little Z wanted her turn to wear both the hat and matching cowl too:

Little Z in my cabled alpaca hat and cowl...

Are you a Doctor Who fan? If so, what do you think of Clara so far? Would you ever do a geeky craft project or are you a bit too sophisticated for that?

P.S. Thank you all so much for your good wishes before and after my surgery! It means a lot to me! I'm still not at 100% (more like 60%) but I am getting better every day and finally was able to return to work.


  1. Dr Who fan here - the first episode of the new series is being shown tonite here in Aus. The kids are counting down the hours. Recovering from illness myself, I understand, and wish you well!

  2. What a nice hat and your little hat model is awfully cute! Continuing to think about you guys as you recover! I've just started watching Dr. Who over the last few months, and it's such a fun show!

  3. I had a Tardis sock catastrophe earlier in the year... I forgot to knit the windows on my second sock.... I still haven't resolved the situation. I can' decide what to do.... Ugh. Hopefully your socks will be a smashing success. They look like they're off to a speedy start.


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