Thursday, August 23, 2012

Name the Cake Patterns cover girl!

As previously mentioned, I'm having a delightful time working on the illustrations for StephC (aka The Consulting Dressmaker)'s fabulous new independent pattern line, Cake Patterns. Almost-final Tiramisu knit dress envelope cover art above—but this cover girl needs a name, and Steph is soliciting ideas, detailed backstories (and pattern testers, too!) Why not throw a name or two in the hat?

I'm super-excited to make this dress myself in the chevroned strips version... I already have the perfect fabric in the stash—this lovely soft cotton/spandex knit I got at NY Elegant Fabrics a few months back:

Red and white striped cotton spandex knit


  1. Her name is Zelda! She's fun, fashionable, fabulous, and confident!

  2. OooOoooh, love the red and white stripes. :)

  3. Hands up for testing the pattern..

    humm the 1st name it came to my mind when i saw her was MICHA

  4. She looks like a grown up version of Ms. Z. :D

    1. ha! you found me out. I did actually use photos of Z and her cousins as the model.

  5. Hmmm, names. Violet, Amelie, Angelique, Briar, Sabina, Anais?


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