Monday, July 11, 2011

Finished Objects: Stuffed Doodles!

Stuffed Doodles

Cartoonist Husband and I recently (well, two months ago) made it out to our first post-baby cartooning convention, the East Coast Black Age of Comics Con in Philadelphia. I wasn't exhibiting my own cartoons, so I decided to sew up some little softies with Masheka's drawings on them since I had already designed the fabric for Z's Blue Doodle Hoodie.

They're really simple--just upholstery fabric, stuffing, etc. But they are ACTUAL SEWING. Here they are in progress:

Stuffed Doodles in progress

They sold quite well, though some folks thought they were cat toys--maybe next time we'll put catnip in them. Family shots:

Family cartooning convention

Family cartooning convention

P.S. Been meaning to post these for a few months, but better late than never. Since I work full time, I pretty much get home and it's all Baby Z all the time (well, Toddler Z--she started walking at 10 months, nearly 3 months ago) until she finally succumbs to the warm bath/bedtime story/dark room/nursing marathon and falls asleep, at which point I collapse into bed as well. Because at that point, it's generally like, midnight. REALLY. (And she still nurses at least twice during the night too.)

Except last night, when she actually went to bed at 8:30, and I sat up for an hour hand-hemming two baby dresses I had started sewing when I was still pregnant. Hope they actually fit her--we'll see tomorrow! They were 12 month size but seem to run big...


  1. Always a treat to see a post from you in my reader! I have a full-time job and a sleep-resistant night nursing child too. Despite what all those parents who brag about their kids' great sleep would have you think, I think it's pretty normal, actually. :-)

  2. Wonderful to see you back! Love the mouth doodle...and your daughter is SO. CUTE.

  3. hey there! congrats on your first family con - looks like you all had a great time. And the crafts look great!!

  4. Good to see you and baby Z again! So cute in her doodle hoodie.


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