Friday, February 4, 2011

Polka Dots at the Ballet Bar

Lately I find myself defaulting to a boring cold-weather Momiform of spitup and breast-milk-splattered dark jeans paired with a knit top, cardigan and snow boots. Which I replace when I can with the occasional fluted-skirt-and-knee-high-boots look. I've had to stop wearing my beloved collection of cheap bright beaded necklaces, because Baby Z invariably yanks on and breaks them... and the little beads go everywhere which is very scary and dangerous.

Thankfully for my polka-dot reputation, Z continues to rock enough dots for the both of us. She's pictured above at the Children's Museum of Manhattan in a RTW outfit purchased by my mom, with hand-knit felted booties from my aunt.

I'm hoping to step up my style for spring. I'm going to get a proper haircut and blowdry tomorrow (my first in over four months). And I just discovered I can fit back into my Stop Staring dress (part of the exciting vinage reproduction trend recently "discovered" by the New York Times). Here it is on Valentine's Day 2007:

Mikhaela and Masheka after eating at Makayla

It's no good for nursing (it zips up the back), but it's all good for the occasional date night.

We will NOT discuss all the sewing and knitting I haven't been doing lately. My latest excuse? I've been busy chasing after a 7-month-old who is determined to walk. (Or at the very least, stand unsupported squealing in delight for minutes on end until she suddenly falls over and I have to catch her.)

Plus I now have to close up my sewing table when not in use to keep her from grabbing all that pointy and chokeable stuff.

Also, she now says "Ma-Ma", like, all the time. I MELT. (Even though she had already been saying Da-Da for months). How could I craft in the face of such cuteness?

Bonus photo: Polka Dot Fire Chief!


  1. Very adorable pictures. The polkadotted fire(wo)man makes me smile :). Having no kids of my own i did not realise that they start talking so very quickly. 7 months just to discover language? wow! The loss of the brightly colored necklaces is a sad one, maybe time to switch to fascinator-hairbands? Colorfull and out of reach!

  2. Oh, I remember those days (my girls are 15 & 10 no). Don't worry, it's all temporary, you'll be wearing your necklaces and non-nursing/non-spitup outfits soon!
    By the way, Baby Z, too cute for words!

  3. Oh my but she is simply adorable! Can I say again what you've probably heard a 1000x, enjoy this time because they grow up so quickly! I know it doesn't seem like it when you are going through it on the daily but one morning you wake up and they are making you a grandma! And it happens a lot sooner than you think...*smile*

    Again she is absolutely beautiful!


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