Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Striped Lace Baby Sock

As you may imagine, not a whole lot of sewing or knitting going on in these first few weeks at home with Baby Z. So far all I've managed to do is finish a single baby sock--a sock I started during my ridiculously long (five days!) labor. I have started knitting the second one but I'm so sleep-deprived I've messed up the picot edging and will have to start over when I get a chance. (When that will be is unclear!)

This is the chevron lace variation of Ann Budd's free "Better Than Booties" Baby Socks pattern--full details here on Ravelry.

As you may recall, I had already knit the ruffle-top variation:

Bordeaux "Better than Bootties" Baby Socks

But even though I used size 0 needles and drastically reduced the number of stitches around (from 44 to 36) neither pair will be fitting Baby Z's petite feet for quite a while.


  1. If you've messed up the edging, it's not readily obvious, just beautiful! Z is blessed to have a Mama who cares about the warmth of her little tootsies.

  2. Super cute socks! Love them!

  3. I'm amazed that you "whipped that up" during labor! Good for you for finding time to do something creative.

  4. Socks look great. Am impressed that you are finding time to do any of this! Lack of sleep was what I remember as being the hardest thing about when our kids were tiny.


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