Friday, May 28, 2010

When bold color combinations go wrong...

Green Goblin Sheepy Soaker Front

I'm still here, and still (hugely) pregnant--I'm officially full term now, at 37 weeks! But apparently along with my sense of balance, I have also lost my keen sense of color combination.

See Exhibit A, above. After I totally misread the instructions on my last Sheepy Soaker and ended up with a diaper cover that is sure to extend up to Cartoonist Baby's adorable little armpits, I made this stripey number.

It seemed like a good idea at the time. After all, I love stripes...

And I love combining purple and green...

My Plum Polka Dot Mini Wardrobe, V2

Valentine's Day date--23 weeks pregnant!

But as I was blithely knitting away, Cartoonist Husband pointed out that somehow, this particular purple and this particular green, in this particular striped configuration couldn't help but remind him of a certain Spiderman villain:

Oh well. Green-Goblinesque or no, it'll still keep her adorable little butt dry, and it's still way cuter than any disposable diapers. Here's a back view:

Green Goblin Sheepy Soaker Back

P.S. How about you, readers? Do you have any stories of promising color combinations gone wrong?

P.P.S. I just thought of another one, actually, also pointed out by Cartoonist Husband. Back in January I made a sweatshirt for a serger class, and I thought it might be cute to make it in red french terry with black ribbed edging. The unflattering 80s unisex pattern didn't fit at all. So I spent way too much time trying to alter it for maternity, but never got around to reattaching the second sleeve...

Ugly Red Sweatshirt Disaster

Mostly thanks to an unfortunate resemblance to a certain doomed class of Star Trek character:


  1. Great to hear Baby Cartoonist's arrival is imminent. I don't think she'll mind the color combination!

  2. Sorry to disagree, but I love these colors together, and any baby lucky enough to wear them will obviously be fashion forward from the beginning. I, too, love green and plum--wonderful master bedroom colors for me. And, BTW, Happy Labor Day!

  3. It's awesome! I don't think I've created any color combinations that remind me of a particular character. But I've certainly come up with some that make my husband raise his eyebrows...

    And I still haven't figured out how to wear orange and black without feeling like I'm dressing up for Halloween.

  4. Like K.Line, I also like the colour combo. maybe it's our respective screens but it looks good from here! As does your Star Trek shirt!

  5. I'm going to have to get on the "I like those colors" train. After baby wears it for a while every time you see those two colors together you'll think of baby and not the green goblin.

  6. I guess my judgment is off to since I LOVE the color combination!

  7. Gosh, everyone seems to think it works... I'll have to tell Masheka he's been outvoted! Maybe he just reads too much Spiderman.

  8. I think it's Loud But Cute. Which, quite frankly, is something you probably need to get used to.

    A cute purple and green polkadotted t-shirt dress and Cartoonist Baby is good to go!

  9. Cute cute, double cute, I like it. And so what if it's a bit Goblin-ish, you can put it on her the days that are rough and give yourself a laugh.

    And here comes some cloth-diaper-mom gabbing: the wool soakers that come up to their armpits are GREAT for overnight wear, it makes it a for sure thing that their jammies don't get wet. It also keeps them all snuggly.

  10. One more vote FOR the purple & green diaper cover! I love it! (Sorry Cartoonist Husband...)

    I'm so glad to hear baby has made it to term!

  11. My mother told me when I was little that purple and green represented feminism. So she will be a kick ass "fights for her right" feminist from day dot.

  12. I cant comment on the colors, but the fact you referenced the Green Goblin AND Star Trek in the same post is major awesome.

    Thank you. :)

  13. I can't help it--I'm a huge comics and science fiction nerd!


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