Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Your Yucky Body

Most of my cartoons have nothing to do with sewing (other than the frequently polka-dotted and striped outfits featured therein), but I do draw a semi-regular series on body image and fashion called "Your Yucky Body" (or sometimes just "Trend Tracker.") I've been thinking about expanding the idea into some type of book--but for now, here are some of my favorites from over the years, from newest to oldest. Click to enlarge.

Regarding annual magazine "shape" issues:

Cartoon: Your Yucky Body, Embrace Your Shape Edition!

On Mommy Makeovers--drawn long before I was pregnant myself, but I recently picked up an issue of Fit Pregnancy and was horrified to find an article recommending post-partum tummy tucks and boob lifts:

Your Yucky Body: Why You Need a Mommy Job!

On Designer Diets:

Your Yucky Body: Disgusting Diet Trends

Trend Tracker Summer Style Report, 2008:

Trend Tracker: Summer Style Report

The Summer Swimsuit Spectacular:

And the cartoon that started it all (fun sewing fact--the girl in this cartoon is actually, except for her face, a tracing of the digital croquis I made in 2005 to test sewing pattern ideas... so that's MY body, actually!):

Finally, this recent one, about airline size discrimination, is not technically a "Your Yucky Body" cartoon, but has certainly attracted plenty of nasty fat-people-bashing trolls in its comments thread on my other blog. Cartoon: The Future of Airline Seating

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  1. Can't wait to have my first post partum tummy tuck..kidding I'm only 34 weeks :P


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