Monday, March 8, 2010

Some of My Best Dresses

Continuing in the spirit of introduction, here are a few of the dresses I have known and loved--none of them fit me now, but they are definitely an inspiration in my sewing dreams.

The green and black giant polka-dot print dress (ashamed to say it's from Forever 21, though). (Photograph by the fabulous Márta Fodor):

Green polkadot remix (sans pink corduroy)

The black and red Stop Staring dress:

Stop Staring Valentine's dress

The $14 vintage floral sundress (appears to be home-sewn):

vintage summerdress remix 8_18_06

The stretchy fuschia sweetheart neckline dress:

Fancied Up Fuschia Remix

The $20 black & white polkadot jersey wrap dress that bleeds cheap black dye all over me whenever I wear it (Photograph also by Márta Fodor:):

Masheka, Mikhaela, books

The $4 black velvet sweetheart neckline dress with elastic-shirred back, big front waistline bow and burnout squiggles (hard to see in this, the only photo I can find of it... we were on our way to a zombie-themed Purim party):

Mikhaela & Mary dressed for the Zombie Purim party

And of course, the $100 eBay wedding dress (heavily altered for fit, sash made by my mom). Sweetheart neckline, of course (for some odd reason, I don't have a full-length photo to hand in Flickr, but it's knee-length).

Cutting the cake


  1. I love that fuschia gown, Mikhaela!

  2. Thanks! I've only gotten to wear it twice but I wish I could just wear it to work... it makes me so happy! It's actually some kind of fancy stretch mesh over a stretch lining, so it's both super-structured but not at all constricting or uncomfortable. No idea where I could buy fabric like that! It's a Tadashi bought on serious discount, just like my wedding dress.

  3. Oh, and I just found a better view of it, too, you can see the way it looks from the front better here.


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