Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Peter Asks: What Man or Woman Would YOU Be?

Over at Male Pattern Boldness, Peter asks: what man or woman would YOU be? (Stylewise, that is).

This one did not require a lot of pondering: Jonathan Adler, obviously. He's an amazing artist and designer and he wears ORANGE PANTS (see above). Were I a man, these would clearly be the center of my wardrobe.

We have a certain color palette resemblance, no? (as demonstrated in another image from the pre-preg style files):

Orange & Chartreuse & Stripes Remix

I asked Masheka (otherwise known as Cartoonist Husband) whose style he'd have, and after a glance in the mirror at his T-shirt, jeans and glasses, he went with Janeanne Garafalo.

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  1. Mikhaela, you'd just need a robin's egg blue lampshade to complete the picture. Thanks for the mention!


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