Friday, March 12, 2010

My first skirt!

My first skirt!, originally uploaded by M1khaela.

Mom to the rescue! When I told my mother I was blogging about my sewing origins but couldn't find photos of many early projects, she dug into her Mikhaela archives and promptly produced this--my first skirt!

I made it when I was about five or so--with her help, of course, but I did the actual sewing. It's an elastic-waist tiered jersey knit, and if it were adult Mikhaela size, I'd totally wear it today.

All these years I've been remembering it as being yellow, but apparently I have swiss cheese for a brain, as it is actually a lovely coral pink.

But Mom couldn't help pointing out the terribly uneven topstiched hem:

My first skirt! (uneven hem detail)

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