Friday, March 12, 2010

The dress is done!

Pinning the hem..., originally uploaded by M1khaela.

Or wearable, anyway. My orange silk floral vintage 1978 pattern "Carefree" McCall's maternity dress may not have made it to my baby shower, but I'll be sporting her at my cousin's bar mitzvah tomorrow!

Let's not discuss the erratically hand-sewn hem, the oddly-wide shoulders, the partially-pinked seams or the arrmhole facings trying to break free at this time, shall we?

The above poorly-lit photo is of my mother pinning the hem for me. The dress is much brighter and prettier in real light, as you shall see in my finished object photos tomorrow. And no worries--I won't be wearing her with those blue striped socks. I'm just not THAT fashion-forward.

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  1. As I have a similar pattern, i'm lookinkg forward to see the result...


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