Thursday, March 11, 2010

Around the Sewing Blogosphere: Recommended Reading and More

  • Gertie has sound advice on "Building a Better Sewing Library." I love most of the books she cites (especially the one above, which I purchased on her recommendation and have already put to good use) and list a few other favorites in the comments. I think I may have failed to mention I am book-obsessed--despite a recent series of purges, I have over 1,600 squeezed into my Brooklyn apartment.
  • The Colette Patterns blog suggests contrast fabric dresses as a method of using up those not-quite-big-enough fabric pieces.
  • The Selfish Seamstress answers questions about her amazing Jalie jeans.
  • Yours truly finally joined the Sew Retro blog after years of wistful lurking and details her (um, my) hunt for non-tent-like vintage maternity patterns.


  1. I'm a hardcore Adele Margolis devotee and I think all of her books are amazing--"The Dressmaking Book" and "The Complete Book of Tailoring for Women Who Like to Sew" are my favorites...even though the title of the second one offended my librarian, who wondered what men were supposed to read.

    Good luck with your maternity dress. I love your cartoons of yourself!

  2. Thanks! After I bought Make Your Own Dress Patterns I was immediately compelled to get as many of her books as possible, and most of them were available very cheaply used, despite being out of print. I picked up Fashion Sewing for Everyone (which has been very helpful with this dress), the tailoring book you mention and How to Make Clothes That Fit and Flatter (although I wish the latter book didn't begin with dieting advice and talk so much about slimness).


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