Wednesday, March 10, 2010

PatternReview MiniWardrobe Contest Sneak Peak

Mini Wardrobe Contest Sketches in Progress 1
Here are my sketches in progress for PatternReview's Spring Mini-Wardrobe Contest. The one-month contest starts Monday, so I'm trying to finalize my fabric/color choices--but first I needed to visualize how these non-maternity patterns would actually look altered to fit heavily pregnant me (and not those tiny envelope models). This is only my second PR contest entry and I'm beyond super-excited!

The challenge is to make four pieces that coordinate to create at least four outfits. For the individual garments, so far I've got:

  1. Dress/Jumper: Colette Patterns Parfait
  2. Unlined Peplum Jacket: either McCall's 5936 or McCall's 5529 (below). Either way, made in double-knit for comfort.
  3. Reversible elastic-shirred-waist skirt: Burda 7910.
  4. Either a fitted knit top or fitted knit dress tight enough to wear under the other dress or skirt as a top of sorts.

Here's the other jacket option I'm considering--it's an unlined cardi-wrap raglan with peplum. I don't love the total look nearly as much, but I'm worried the other jacket would be harder to make (I've never made a jacket EVER) and less versatile/practical for my third-trimester spring. Plus there's a weird gap between the skirt and the jacket--I suppose that would be filled by the top, though.

Mini Wardrobe Contest Sketches in Progress 2


  1. Hi,

    Followed your link here from Pattern review. I love the storyboard. mc 5936 is a great pattern imo. However, it's not very big on top and on my version I made a bigger fba than I usually do. Great wardrobe, and very stylish.


  2. Thanks for the tip! That's another reason I'm nervous about sewing it, since I currently have to do ridiculous FBAs--my high bust measurement (35") is 6 inches smaller than my full bust (41"). Thanks, pregnancy hormones!

  3. Just came across your blog and LOVE it! I'm so excited to see your pattern review mini wardrobe outfits..they look fantastic...

  4. Thank you so much! I'm having a blast writing it so far!

  5. Mikhaela, I am DIGGING this stuff you do with croquis, and I'd love to talk about it in a post. Can't seem to find your e-mail though. Would you send me one if you're interested in chatting about it? I'm

    Thanks, lady!

  6. Gertie, how funny--I just emailed you before even seeing your comment! Would love to chat!

  7. I say go for the cardigan-jacket, the other jacket would be quite frustrating for a beginner. I also think it looks better with the other pieces and will be more comfortable to wear.

  8. My vote is the cardigan jacket too.
    When I was pregnant, McCalls had a neat maternity piece that was a long skirt with jersey panel that could also be pulled up and worn as thigh lenght tunic with tights. Something like that would co-ordinate with several looks.

    I love your test pics. wish I had that talent!!


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