Monday, March 22, 2010

Fabric Execution, Part 2: The Slaughter Continues!

Sewing Cartoon: Fabric Execution

They die so other fabrics might live!

As you recall, in part one of my cruel and ruthless fabric purge I attacked my jerseys. In the end I managed to send seven knit fabrics of various yardages off to swim with the fabric fishes, making just enough room to squish all the knits into one drawer (save one that is going to be used this week for the mini-wardrobe contest--so it doesn't count as stash anyway, right?)

The wovens, as I suspected, were harder--even the tiniest and least garment-appropriate woven scraps could become part of a lovely quilt someday, right? Not that I do much in the way of quilting, but I did take an improvisational patchwork class with the awe-inspiring Denyse Schmidt not so long ago, and I have been known to make a pillow/potholder/stuffed animal or two:

Orange explosion patchwork pillowVincent the Blue Tweedy CatTurquoise Cat PotholdersInprovised patchwork pillow

But every scrap of fabric I destash makes room for more amazing fabrics to come into my life. Plus I need space to store the 67 cloth diapers my amazing mom has sewn up for Cartoonist Baby's fashionable little butt.

And as I told myself when carting bag after bag (seven? eight) of clothing to the Goodwill for donation this past year, if it doesn't make me feel AMAZING and DELIRIOUSLY HAPPY, why wear it? So if a fabric, however fine and serviceable, doesn't inspire me to fits of delight and imagination, WHY SEW WITH IT?

After the jump--a few candidates for woven fabric execution, of the seven I have so far convinced myself to part with:

Multi dots on black quilting cotton
  • Candidate: Black, pink and green polka-dot quilting cotton.
  • Crime(s): Guilty of inspiring an "eh" feeling despite the promising color palette. Polka dots should be better than this.
  • Fate: Giveaway/donate.
  • Possibility for mercy? No.

Olive green fake suede
  • Candidate: Fake olive green suede.
  • Crime(s): Guilty of being leftover from a Battlestar Galactica Halloween costume. I may love Starbuck, but I don't dress like her in daily life.
  • Fate: Out the airlock.
  • Possibility for mercy? None. So say we all.

Nubbly turquoise mystery fabric
  • Candidate: Mysterious turquoise wrinkly stuff.
  • Crime(s): Being a fabric of unknown origin and purchasing date, and possible linen (read: wrinkly) content. Suspiciously soft texture and beautiful iridescent color notwithstanding.
  • Fate: The "maybe" bag.
  • Possibility for mercy? Slight--if she gets sewn with in the next three months.

Like the knits, they have gone to the great big "Unstashed" Flickr gallery in the sky along with used-up fabrics.

Making room for worthy fabrics such as these:

Black and White Silk Charmeuse

A gorgeous and graphic B&W floral silk charmeuse just begging to become a cap-sleeve Sencha blouse...

Circles stretch cotton

Stretch cotton lycra circles from Mood...

Bold Cotton Lawn Floral (Purple, Black, White, Green)

A $3/yard bold floral cotton lawn, just lovely for a simple empire-waist summer dress...

It's the circle of fabric life!

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