Sunday, March 21, 2010

Polka Dot Baby Carrier

Green, Brown, Blue Onbu-3, originally uploaded by beryldrue.

Again, credit goes to my amazing mom, who will always be able to sew circles around me. (Example: I went to work one day she was visiting and came home to find she had recovered the entire sofa and armchair with the upholstery fabrics I'd been meaning to get around to using some day--with self-made piped edges.)

She's made 6 or 7 carriers so far in a variety of (safe! don't worry!) styles. This one is being modeled on my old duct-tape dress form by the Gerber baby doll I scribbled all over as a child.

She even made a neutral gray & black carrier for Masheka.


  1. Well you certainly come by your talent - and tenacity - honestly :-) Amazing. The diapers, the carriers... This is the way to have a baby. Not only are you expressing your creativity, you are probably saving so much money by crafting these things yourselves. Cloth diapers alone cost a bundle - and disposables are a way to throw money away for 3 years. The nursery will be done quickly and easily. Really all it needs is a crib, a rocker and a place to change a baby. You can maxi it up as time passes.

  2. Funny you should say that--my mother has also recovered a rocking chair, the same one she rocked me in, in fact!


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