Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Polka Dot Tragedy--ANOTHER missing fabric from my mini-wardrobe

I just heard from Linda at Emma One Sock that sadly the B&W rayon lycra polka dot fabric I ordered for my mini-wardrobe top is out of stock! Now I must go hunting for a substitute... in addition to hunting for chartreuse double knit! Tragedy!

R.I.P. beautiful knit polka dots! I loved you and I never even met you...

Anyone know where else I can find this? Preferably not in a poly, but I could handle cotton lycra, and even poly lycra if I get desperate. Or maybe even switch to another pattern for a woven blouse on the bias? If worse comes to worse I will try to go for a very narrow striped fabric... And there's this from but the dots are so BIG they might fight with my skirt print:


  1. Check out the Fabric Fairy:

  2. Have you checked out Gorgeous Fabrics? You probably already know about that website, but here's the link just in case!

  3. Funny you should say that--I did check the Fabric Fairy, Gorgeous Fabrics, EOS, FabricMart,, CryBaby Boutique, Denver Fabrics, Marcy Tilton, Sewzanne's... none of them had exactly it, but I'll post my results!


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