Wednesday, March 17, 2010

My Plum Polka Dot Maternity Mini Wardrobe Storyboard!

My Plum Polka Dot Mini Wardrobe, V1

(Click image to enlarge to much bigger and more readable full size).

As I mentioned before, I'm super excited about's Spring Mini-Wardrobe contest.

Considering that the one-month contest has already begun and I have not a muslin to show for it... and that I start childbirth classes tomorrow... and that I am taking two of PR's online sewing classes starting this Friday (on facings and underlinings, both with Sarah Veblen)... and that I've never made any of the above patterns, never mind altered them for third-trimester maternity... I'm surprisingly hopeful I can pull this off. Yes, I'm reckless! Just RECKLESS!

There's just one problem. I started planning this last week and bought most of the fabrics online, but now that they have arrived, I find myself worrying the whole thing is just too darn monochromatic, even with punchy colored shoes and/or necklaces (or maybe a scarf?) And that's just not me. I have nothing against gray in moderation, but I seldom reach for it--all my favorite jackets and cardigans are pink, or orange, or green, or red, or plum, or chartreuse...

So I'm thinking this would be a BIG improvement:

My Plum Polka Dot Mini Wardrobe, V2

(Click image to enlarge to much bigger and more readable full size).

...If I can find the right fabric. I went to Paron's and their Annex today and they had many lovely rayon blend double knits, but they were all various shades of pink, purple or orange. (FYI, wool or pure poly double knit would be way too hot & sticky for pregnant me in spring). And what I'm really craving is chartreuse. has some of the same fabric I got in gray from them already, but the digital swatch doesn't LOOK chartreuse to me--more like mustard:

So I ordered a bunch of swatches of their different double knits--the one above and also ones in turquoise and various shades of green from lime to emerald. And I'll keep poking around the Garment District. I just don't want to look like a boring pregnant plum & gray grape, it's just not me!

Oh, and a note about the patterns--I'm a little bummed that my top pattern is just a plain Jalie T-shirt (which I will redraft to a scoop neck), but I sketched a variety of more interesting tops (twist, surplice, etc) on my digital croquis and they all just competed too much with the lines of the Parfait dress. At least it's in polka dot!

Update: Forgot to mention--as you can see in the top image, I thought maybe I could punch up the plain gray jacket (if that's what I'm stuck with) with some trim, as in this RTW example:


  1. Cute wardrobe plans! I don't think that the purple and gray is too drab, but I do really like the chartreuse, too! Good luck with the fabric!

  2. I love the chartreuse. If you do go with the gray + trim, maybe you could work it in there? I think that would work better than the purple trim pictured in the first storyboard. Also, a rusty orange could be awesome.

  3. Yes, I think the chartreuse might be a more suitable trim, if I can find it! I do love bold color combos but I'm not sure about purple + orange--I do blue & orange or turquoise and orange a lot, though...


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