Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Fabric (and other shopping) discount referral code!

McCall's 6070 fuschia maxi dress

Don't be too impressed now — I sewed the above maxi dress back during Me Made May and I STILL haven't found time to blog about it. Give me a few more weeks!

Just popping in quickly to share a quick eBates discount referral code offer that expires at midnight (you get $5 when you sign up and use the code and I get $5, plus various bonuses if more than one of you sign up).

You might have noticed that I'm something of a frugal type (especially now that I have two kids and have just returned to work after the unpaid half of my maternity leave)... and while of course the best way to save money is to avoid buying unnecessary stuff, when I do buy something I try to get it the cheapest way possible — by buying secondhand when I can, and at a deep discount when that isn't an option, and always using a bonus point credit card* that I autopay each month in full. Every little bit helps, because when you save even just 5% you had to buy anyway, that's like getting a 5% raise.

Anyway, on top of any coupon code searching or other budgety schemes you might already have going, there's eBates, a simple online shopping rebate site that seems to have discount links for pretty much every site I shop on, from eBay (1% rebate) to (3% rebate). You just visit eBates, find your shop, click the referral link, buy your stuff and a month or so later, you get a nice fat rebate check.

And that's it — sorry for any spamminess, but I discovered the site via another sewing blog (Erika Made It) and am super into it as part of my overall Thriftiness Strategy.

Meanwhile, I am back at work, baby is not sleeping (predictably, he's making up for my daytime absence by nursing all night long), and I'm so tired that I keep stubbing my toes or burning myself or having other ridiculous small accidents (I think I put my bra in the fridge the other day?). I even ended up at the ER for a few hours not too long ago because I grabbed a hot pot without a potholder:

So sleep-deprived these days I grabbed a hot pot off the stove without a potholder and spent last night at the ER being treated for a second-degree burn. My sweet baby keeps waking up every 30-60 minutes (teething? Misses me when I am working?) to nurse t

So maybe I shouldn't go near the sewing machine any time soon?

But you know, the kids are awesome (I love saying "the kids"!) and life is good. I can't complain.

Tagged for #widn (what I'm doing right now) by @cliophineas : watching my 4-year-old read a bedtime book to my 4-month-old after a long day at work. What are you doing now @theslowsteady @moonthirty @melissajeangibson ?

*My favorite is the Chase Sapphire (referral link), which has up to a 50,000 point signup bonus (translates to $500 in cash rewards)... though of course if you run a balance or forget to cancel before the fee kicks in, it's not as great of a deal.


  1. You look stunning in that dress, Mikhaela! I'm sure no one is going to notice any tired eyes when you wear this :-) After having DD (preemie etc. etc.) I spent three months in a total fog of tiredness (having a two year old didn't help), including a visit to the ER... Hang on, sooner than you know those two will be playing together and you get to sleep in on the weekends!

    1. Sleeping in on the weekends... that sounds amazing!

  2. A pleasure to read you again! Favorite game with my toddler kids: hide and go sleep.

    Now that my boys are teens, I still have sleepless nights; waiting for teen to come home hours late. Since that was my MO as a teen, I am reaping what I have sewn. Pun intentional.

    1. Oh man, the teenage years... I can NOT think that far ahead yet!

  3. Love your maxi dress!! (and seeing the wee ones - they are so adorable)


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