Saturday, May 9, 2015

The Me-Made Garment Graveyard

I still miss my colorblocked wool jersey skirt (eaten by evil moths in 2013)

Baby D isn't feeling like going to sleep tonight so Mommy can sew something new for a Mother's Day outing tomorrow.

So as I sit here in the dark snuggling with him I thought I'd take a quick moment to say goodbye to some of the me-mades I used to know that aren't here for Me Made May 2015 any more because they've been lost or donated or recycled.

Some of these I am sad about, and to some I say: good riddance! My goal is to have a tightly edited closet/drawers full only of things I actually love to wear, and I can't hold onto the ill-fitting or unwearable just because I made them.

Goodbye wide-legged blue corduroy Vogue trousers (you didn't hit at the waist properly and my husband always hated you):

Trouser Triumph

Goodbye McCall's 5529 chartreuse cardigan jacket — you did not fit at all and that doubleknit from was just the WORST:

McCall's 5529 Chartreuse Cardigan Jacket Fail

Oh where are you now my beloved reversible shirred skirt in Maggy London purple geometric lawn on one side and black swiss dot lawn on the other? I lost you on vacation two years ago and I still miss you to this day. Come home to me, please!

Me Made May 23: Green and purple

Goodbye Burdastyle Melissa red pencil skirt — you wrinkled like crazy and always showed underwear lines. But I'll make you again — in ponte knit this time!

BurdaStyle "Melissa" High-Waisted Knit Skirt--Red Maternity Version Side View

Oooh, baby is sleeping now! Time to sew.

P.S. You can see all my me-made-May outfits in this Flickr gallery — I don't know that I will have time to do weekly roundups this year.


  1. I raise a post Mother's Day salute to your Fails and mine. Still wondering what I can make out of the felted, motheaten sweaters of my spouse. So far am stuffing them into ironing tools (sleeve rolls and their friends), after I have made DAMN sure they are not harboring Evil Moth Larvae. A monument might be possible.

  2. So sorry to hear about that Maggy London skirt :-o Such a lovely skirt! Any chance the fabric is still available? Moth freak me out. Whenever I see one in the house I get the urge to wash my entire load of textile. I think that made me lose more clothes than losing them to moth damage (I don't do dry cleaning, because I think you can wash everything...well about 95% of stuff is washable, but some stuff really isn't...)


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