Thursday, January 5, 2012

Up to the Armpits! (Stripes & Wales, take 2)

Stripes & Wales Sweater & Overalls toddler outfit sketch

That is, I nearly got to the armpits on little Z's toddler Tomten hoodie sweater jacket (Ravelry project link here) today, which was very exciting because all that straight garter stitch knitting was starting to bore me, even in chunky stripey yarn:

Striped Tomten Jacket progress

The other main piece of the outfit is those Ottobre corduroy overalls from the Autumn 2010 issue. Z has one of those adorable round toddler tummies, and there's always a big gap between her shirts and jeans--she really needs some overalls. I have the baby cord in the stash from ages ago, and the lining is Maggie London purple print lawn from Emma One Sock left over from my reversible shirred skirt.

I'm going to change the bunny appliqué to a cat (Z is obsessed with all cats) and skip the velcro side opening and the hearts on the butt.

I recorded a video of the process of drawing and coloring the outfit sketch, which I'll speed up, narrate and post here when I have a moment.

Oh, and I'm also up to the armpits in decluttering... mercifully two of my clothing drawers no longer explode when I try to open them.


  1. Nice progress! And nice storyboard! I love looking at storyboards! Baby Z is going to be the cutest dressed baby when you are done (not that she isn't already)!

  2. you're story boards are so much fun! And the hoodie looks like a winner too

  3. AHHHHH! I am so excited about the information you found!!

  4. I also love your story boards. And those overalls! I made a pair in red herringbone for my son (though I still need to post a picture). Lots of fun!

  5. I didn't realize Baby Z had a widow's peak! I must have been so taken with her eyes and dazzling clothes that I didn't notice her hair!

  6. That'll be a very cute outfit! I made the overalls before, take a look if you like:


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