Tuesday, October 26, 2010

A Simple Piece of Cloth

Not much sewing going on here lately, what with working full time and being a new(ish) mom ... but I've been playing with fabric in another way in the meantime!

Last month Z and I attended our first babywearing meetup, and after learning some simple carries (well, one simple carry) I bought a used Girasol baby wrap in "Tropical Sea" colors. Here's my first attempt on wrapping Z in a front wrap cross carry. It was super comfortable (Z is over 15 pounds, so the more support the better) for both of us--I walked around and did some light housework, and Z took a relaxing nap.

More on this later, with more photos and useful links. I just needed to break the blog silence!


  1. Oh, I love this type of carrier! I bought 5 yards of cotton gauze from Joann's, I like the "grippyness" of it.

    My favorite website for babywearing is:

    But it often has broken links.

  2. You look great wearing her!

    I can't wait to baby wear again! Soon enough (almost 32 weeks pregnant now)

  3. What a great color! and Baby Z looks like she loves it.


    Rose in SV


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