Wednesday, March 24, 2010

So much for stash-busting...

Some ruthless stash-buster I am. In the process of picking up my B&W polka dot ITY jersey at Spandex House, I spied this lovely green and white ITY print, also $6/yard. I got 3.

Green and White Floral ITY Jersey

It's crying out to be a wrap dress, don't you think? Though it's not nearly as large-scale as this wonderful $300 DVF dress, I think it's a good $18 substitute.

I have this McCall's 5974 pattern in my stash and others seem to have had great luck with it... I'd go views C or D here (the wrap/belt ones):

McCalls 5974 Perfect Knit Dress

After the mini-wardrobe contest is done, this could be a good, quick maternity/nursing transition piece. Most of my pre-preg knit wrap dresses are actually stretchy/adjustable enough that I'm still wearing them even in my gigantic third-trimester. Though I was already hoping to make View A and make it more empire-waisted... damn pattern ambitions anyway. Never enough time to sew!

McCalls 5974 Sewing Ticket

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  1. That green print really should be a wrap dress, I agree.


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