Monday, March 22, 2010

Sencha Sketch

Colette 1007 Sencha Blouse Maternity Modification Sketch

Today is officially Muslin Monday, and here's the first one of the day--a maternity modification to Colette Patterns famous vintage-style cap-sleeve Sencha blouse. Gertie recently described a some different ways to play with a basic button-back blouse pattern like this one, and I'm so far planning to do the following:

  • Scoop out the neckline (high necks never really work on me, plus I'm a necklace fiend)
  • Move the tucks up under the bust to make room for the belly (I asked pattern designer Sarai about this on her Flickr group where she answers questions about all things Colette, and she suggested sewing it up without the tucks to see how it fits, then tucking as needed)
  • Do a 2-3" FBA on the pattern (for an added total of 6")
  • Lengthen it a bit in front to go farther over the belly

I'm about to trace the pattern pieces (since I want to be able to use the pattern again post-preggo) but deliberating over size 6 (bust measurement 36") vs. size 8 (bust measurement 37"). I usually choose patterns by high bust (which used to be 34" for me but now as my ribcage has grown during pregnancy is more like 36") and then do a major FBA but I've heard Colette Patterns are more generous in that area than the B-cup Big Four standard. I'll still need a serious FBA either way, as my full bust is 41."

I think I'll go put my hair in the mesh roller set I just bought while I think about it...


  1. I have to try this croqui thing. I love your drawings of future projects in the correct fabrics. I think seeing my wardrobe like that would keep my enthusiasm for a project going strong. Do you mind giving some hints or a tutorial on this. You probably drew yourself freehand but maybe not? thanks

  2. well... don't tell anyone, but that's actually what the tutorial I've been teasing at is about! I don't draw myself freehand for this because it wouldn't give an accurate picture--you really have to use photographs to get a good croquis. I'll hopefully have that part of the tutorial up later this week!


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