Sunday, March 21, 2010

Fabric Execution (with cartoon!)

Sewing Cartoon: Fabric Execution

(No, I would NEVER really axe this lovely polka dot fabric!)

I discussed digital fabric stash "management" earlier this week, but physical stash "management" is a whole other beast, especially for apartment-dwelling Brooklynites trying to declutter to make room for a baby. Ahem. Due to a few recent impulsive (if fabulous) purchases, my fabric stash began to overflow its three designated drawers and impinge on my sock and underwear drawers (which raises the fascinating philosophical question: does one REALLY need socks?). Then it crept onto the guest bed and the chairs...

Clearly a ruthless purge was necessary. I tried to do it this morning before attending a meeting of the fabulous Brooklyn BurdaStyle Sewing Club but I was running late and just brought a few patterns. And then there was a beautiful silk charmeuse B&W print in the giveaway pile just begging to taken home...

I had reached a stash crisis point. No mercy could be allowed. So I started with the knits. After the jump are a select few candidates for execution:

Lime & Black striped cotton lycra knit
  • Candidate: The Lime Green Striped Lycra Knit
  • Crime(s): Totally off-grain, and so acid bright it hurts the eyes.
  • Fate: The muslin bag.
  • Possibility for mercy? No.

Bright Orange Cotton Interlock Knit
  • Candidate: The Neon Orange Interlock
  • Crime(s): Poor recovery. And I never thought I'd say anything could be TOO orange, but this stuff is so neon it just wouldn't work for Cartoonist Baby's stylish wardrobe.
  • Fate: Giveaway/donate.
  • Possibility for mercy? Masheka wondered if this would make a good stuffed animal... No.

Nylon tricot 1-way stretch mesh: Lavender & Navy
  • Candidate: Weird $4/yard stretch nylon tricot mesh from Spandex House.
  • Crime(s): No recovery. Bought this thinking it would be great for lingerie, but it stretches and never comes back.
  • Fate: Giveaway/donate.
  • Possibility for mercy? I am merciless.

Heavy/stiff red cotton spandex knit
  • Candidate: Red cotton lycra spandex leftover from my red Melissa pencil skirt.
  • Crime(s): Stiff, rough, wrinkles like mad.
  • Fate: Muslin for mini-wardrobe contest cardi.
  • Possibility for mercy? None.

Those weren't the only ones, but you get the idea. Still, they shall be gone but not forgotten--now they have their own little Flickr gallery ("Fabric Stash-Unstashed"), along with the finer fabrics I've completely used up on more successful projects.

Update! It just occurred to me that some of you may be mourning the loss of these fabrics. But look at a few of the far more fabulous beauties that have replaced them in my knit fabric drawer!

Super-Soft Chaiken Rayon Lycra Striped Knit

A super-soft rayon lycra striped knit from Paron's 50% annex...

Tools Cotton Interlock Knit

Tool-patterned knit fabric for Cartoonist Baby pajamas...

B&W polka dot ombre matte jersey

And ombré polka dots!

Side note regarding the cartoon: I was going to just find some clip art of a medieval executioner and PhotoShop in some fabric but thought it would be fun to draw a quick little cartoon instead--maybe I'll do more of that in future. I doubt there's much of a paying market for sewing cartoons out there, but as the Vice President of the Association of American Editorial Cartoonists, I can tell you pickings are mighty slim for political cartoons as well! And I bet sewing cartoons won't get me as much vicious hate mail as my usual work...


  1. As a crafter, I am DEEPLY OFFENDED by your graphic portrayal of violence to fabric and stereotypical depiction of a crafter as a cat lady.

    Seriously, though, the cartoons are what make your blog unique and delightful! I'd love to see more of them. Now if you'll excuse me, Yuri just coughed up a hairball on my muslin.

  2. The cartoons are perfect, no one else has them!

  3. I made some jammies for my son using that tools fabric. It is uber soft, just perfect for jammies. He loves those jammies and proclaims them his favorite every time I pull them out of the drawer. I used a Kwik Sew pattern for them.


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