Thursday, February 19, 2015

I almost had my baby in the car (Welcome Baby D!)

Happy Valentine's Day from the four of us!

Family portrait with baby D at two weeks old

So as you may have guessed from my blog silence, I FINALLY had my baby. Our surprise baby boy D arrived in dramatic fashion a few weeks ago, at 41 weeks and 2 days along, and we were SO happy to meet him.

And yes, I did almost have him in the car on the way to the birthing center.

I had gone into labor during the night, and my father had rushed my husband and I to the birthing center around 3 a.m. when my contractions were about 5 minutes apart. (And I really do mean rushed -- he went through a number of red lights and we were stopped by a police officer... who then escorted us through lots of OTHER red lights when he realized I was in labor).

Around 8 a.m., I was sent home due to failure to progress... but a few hours after we got back home I realized baby wanted to be born, like NOW. Somehow (with help from husband and doula and my dad) I managed to get back in the car and hold back from birthing baby for the agonizing half-hour ride. My water broke a few minutes before we got there, I (literally) crawled up the icy cold steps of the birthing center, they rushed me into a room and baby D was born about 15 minutes later. With his arm stuck next to his head (UM, OUCH!) So much for using the waterbirth tub!

We — me, husband, big sister Z - are of course absolutely in love with him and couldn't be more thrilled. The birthing center practices early discharge and let us go home seven hours after he arrived. Here I am with my two babies right after getting home:


He really is the spitting image of his big sister as a baby, except that he doesn't have a dimple on his cheek. I of course HAD to dress him in hand-knits to go home, even though the sweater was a bit on the large side. This are the Aviatrix hat, Puerperium cardigan and Gansey booties I blogged previously:


The newborn-sized going-home outfits I had sewn were also too big at the time, but now at two-and-a-half weeks old he is barely fitting into them lengthwise--he is a tall baby!

D in one of the gender-neutral outfits I sewed while pregnant - it was way too big to wear as a coming-home outfit but now it barely fits lengthwise. #madeforkids #sewing

And a hungry baby. We have been having some really painful (and I mean me screaming and crying a lot type of painful, especially the first week) breastfeeding challenges--tongue tie, lip tie, clamping, shallow latch, cracks, blisters and more... but milk supply is not one of those challenges. Kiddo was born 8 lbs. and 9 oz. and yesterday we learned he has gained more than 20 oz. (1.25 lbs!) since birth. And things are finally on the upswing for me pain-wise after getting help from two lactation consultants and an ENT. PHEW.

Now I can relax and just enjoy the snuggles and sleep deprivation. I've even been getting in a little knitting while D sleeps in the sling, finishing up my second Knotty glove:

The little guy is snoozing (and gave mama a whole 4 1/2 hour stretch of sleep last night) - time for a little #knitting ! #babywearing

But mostly I've just been nursing this kid and trying to squeeze in naps when I can. Which I should probably do right now, in fact.

But I also kind of just want to sit here and stare at him. I already can't believe he was ever this tiny — this is him with big sis Z at 1 day old:


I guess this means I might as well ditch all those girly dress sewing patterns (including a lot of lovely Oliver + S ones) that Z has outgrown... luckily I have a good stash of Ottobres.