Saturday, November 20, 2010

FO: These socks are made for dancing!

Striped Lacy Mixed Berry Baby Socks

I finally got around to finishing the striped lace baby socks (Ann Budd's Better Than Booties Baby Socks, Ravelry details here) I started while I was in my crazy five-day-long labor. I remember working on these in the waiting room at L&D triage and my midwife finding that hilarious, but I think it was an excellent distraction.

The funny part is, the first sock--Labor Sock, let's call it--is perfect. The lace pattern is just right, and I made no mistakes (except for putting the lace up the sides instead of the front, but whatever).

The second sock--Tired New Mommy Sock--was another story. I was so out of it I had to redo the picot edge twice, and when I got to the near-end, I bound off the toe... and then realized I hadn't actually shaped it first, and had to unbind. The lace pattern is a mess, too. But I could go back on that--I was in a race against Z's fast-growing feet.

But they do fit--barely! Cute, no? Can you tell which is which?

Striped Lacy Mixed Berry Baby Socks

Not that I'm anti-booties. I LOVE booties, especially the two pairs of felted little Mary Jane style booties my Aunt Becky made, black pair shown here.

Friday, November 19, 2010

Baby surprise!

No, no, I'm not having another one just yet, it's just that I finally photographed Baby Z (asleep) in her Baby Surprise Jacket:

Baby Surprise Jacket

She's fitting better into her February Baby Sweater, too:

February Baby Sweater

How most of my sporadic posts have become about knitting, I do not know. Someday I will rectify that, but I'm still cutting myself slack in the sewing department. I'm not even beating myself up about running out of time to sew a baby Halloween costume last month, and that's the one thing I ALWAYS sew for every year.

Luckily my Aunt Elissa and Uncle Damien came through with a cute RTW lion costume. I wore her out in a carrier but she wasn't allowed any candy:

Z's Halloween Costume

Z's Halloween Costume


I do still make a point of wearing something handmade every day, even if it's just my boring purple hat, shown above, or this old Simplicity 5914 skirt I sewed with some $2 polyester polka dot woven from a discount store (shown here in 2005, since I haven't photographed it lately):

Thrifty remix 8_15_06

OK, bonus photo: Farmer Z!

Farmer Z!