Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Polka Dot Pinafore

Red and gray polkadot baby ensemble

Another baby ensemble sewn during my pregnancy finally gets a model--the Ottobre magazine January 2010 pinafore and pants combo I refashioned from an old shirt of my mother's (see my original blog post and Pattern Review review for full pattern details). Here's the flat photo...

Red and gray polkadot baby ensemble

More shots, including one with her Zadie (aka grandfather, aka my dad):

Red and gray polkadot baby ensemble

Red and gray polkadot baby ensemble

Red and gray polkadot baby ensemble

I made the 62 cm size, and it's still a bit big, hence the Hammer pants effect Masheka pointed out to me. But still--super cute, right?

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Sewing at a Moving Target, Pt. 1: Stretchy Skirts

BurdaStyle "Melissa" High-Waisted Knit Skirt--Red Maternity Version Side View

BurdaStyle "Melissa" knit skirt at 25 weeks pregnant...

Jalie 2005 Maternity Modification, Take 2 (Detail)

...30 weeks pregnant...

BurdaStyle "Melissa" High-Waisted Knit SkirtBurdaStyle "Melissa" High-Waisted Knit Skirt

... and 6 weeks post-partum. (No, I so do NOT have time to be ironing these days!)

So what's a sewist to do when her measurements change from day to day? And I don't mean by a smidge. Over the course of my pregnancy I gained 42 pounds, added 2 inches in the high bust, 4 inches in the full bust and 3 in the hips, and totally lost sight of my waist under an ever-growing baby belly.

So as much as I love fitted, lined skirts (mmm, wool tweed!) with lovely details (pleats! vents! trim!), they just weren't practical during my pregnancy. It was all about the stretchy skirts, whether they be knit, rib-waisted, or shirred.

And they don't make a lot of sense now (alas, my vintage Du Barry dress dreams will have to wait!). My measurements have continued to change, just in other directions. My high bust is approaching 34" again, my full bust is going to be even more of an adjustment nightmare (I wore a 32E bra pre-pregnancy, and now I'm in an H/I cup), my waist is back in some form, and my hips are shrinking as well. All apparently thanks to the clever strategy known as "sitting on my butt nursing my sweet baby girl all day."

All of my maternity tops (including the ones I made, alas!) are way too big and baggy now, but most of my pre-pregnancy clothes--tops and bottoms--are WAY too small. So I've been living in the few knit tops I have that are not skin-tight, some nursing nightgowns and tanks I bought--and all of the skirts I made while pregnant!

Here's the spiral skirt at 27 weeks pregnant:

Spiral Skirt Front View

And at one week post-partum, when I still looked sorta pregnant:

The Baby Z Adventures, Episode 2!

Once again, I have no pants--not even the one pair of jeans I made it through my last two trimesters with.

It's not like I've had any time to sew for myself anyway these past weeks--but I'm afraid to even buy clothes (except maybe thrift clothes) until I figure out where my body is going to settle. I'll try to put it off until September when I go back to work and need to look presentable, and I'll probably try to buy as little as possible even then just in case.

Of course, however fast my measurements have changed, that's nothing compared to how my little Baby Z is growing! Here she is at 6 weeks-ish!

Baby Z!

The Boxing Basquiat Onesie Gets a Model

Boxing Basquiat Baby Onesie

It's still a little big on her, but it's the first time she's worn something sewn by her mom... the boxing Basquiat onesie I blogged about previously, made with Kwik Sew 2433 out of one of Masheka's old T-shirts.

Boxing Basquiat Baby Onesie

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Z is a Punk Rocker...

Punk Rock Baby Z, originally uploaded by M1khaela.

She even wears flame-patterned diapers, sewn by her Grandmommy Beryl:

Punk Rock Baby Z

Also, how cool is her natural curly faux-hawk? (Fro-hawk?) It just grows like that--big and curly down the middle and thin on the sides.

More posts coming soon--at six weeks post-partum, I'm even starting to think about maybe possibly someday breaking out my sewing machine again for a quick project here or there (though I'm still basically nursing her every hour when she's awake). Baby girl is growing so fast I should even be able to photograph her in the 6-month stuff I made for her in a week or two (the above onesie was purchased, not me-made).